Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'd Like To Carry A River In My Pocket

When I stood by this water last November on Blog4Peace day, conjuring peace words and thinking on all the positive energy spinning throughout the world on our peace globes, I should have remembered to bring a few stones home with me for days like today..
 I wonder what magic I left on the riverbank. 
Where in my head does that come from? 

Why is it that when I set aside a day and deliberately seek out words believing with all my being that they will come, that they will matter, watch them appear, feel them inside me, and share them with you, why do they come so easily?  Is it simply because I expect them?  I wake up on November 4th each year and they are always there for my taking.
Today is any ole' ordinary day, full of the daunting pressures of life and I need the comfort and power of those words - even when I'm not standing on a shoreline.   
Did they fall in the stream?
I need to go back to the river today.

There's something I must find.
Wanna come?

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

I need the river, too, Mimi and your words sink into my heart. I had such a few days this week, as forest fires are raging across western Canada - including my own valley - wildlife are suffering, fleeing the forest and being shot when they come too near to a town, global warming is hotting up, I saw a video of a mama polar bear holding her cub, sitting on a teeny bit of iceberg in the middle of the ocean, awaiting death by starvation and I just cant take it any more. It breaks my tired weary old heart. Meanwhile Government-Speak goes blah blah blah and nothing changes. Are we a completely mad civilization? A young wildlife officer just lost his job for refusing to shoot two orphaned bear cubs. Bonkers. However, Wild Woman has to get a grip and pull some sort of hope out of her hip pocket because it doesnt help if she gives up, does it? I will go with you to that river, drink in its cool green peace, and carry on. Governments may not know how to deal with our global situation. But the voices of the people are rising everywhere - they were so outraged about the young wildlife officer that he will get his job back. I just wish his boss, who gave that order, could lose his.They "euthanize" (shoot) 450 bears a year on Vancouver Island, simply because clearcut logging is removing their habitat and they have to live somewhere. Cougars and wolves are starving.......I could go on.......sigh. This isnt the best way to think up a positive poem to write, is it? So sorry, my friend. We shall keep doing what we can do - spreading the word, hoping for change, trying to inspire it............two baby bears got saved this week. That is a beginning.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I know this is out of line. But I would like speak with you. I could have just called, but I thought with all that's past in time...
I just thought I'd give you the option. You can email me, call me or just write yes on a post of mine. There is stuff unsaid...

Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - You make such a difference in your part of the world. Your railing (in your poetry) and the way you bring issues to light is a great service to all of us.

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