Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Powerball Ticket Didn't Win. I am so thankful!

Day 3 ~ July 11 

Friday ~ Five Things I Am Grateful For Today
1. Coffee and creamer and books (that's 3 in 1)
2. The man who pumped my gas this afternoon accidentally gave me more than I asked for or paid for. He just laughed and said "enjoy the extra!" (It was only $1....but it's the thought that counts.)
3. I had to make an embarrassing phone call today. The lady said, "Oh honey! The same thing happened to me last week!" I wasn't embarrassed anymore.
4. Those two small kindnesses made me happy inside.
5. My mailbox fell down. Again. Seriously.
         I am thankful that I have a patient mailman.

Day 4 ~ July 12
 Saturday ~ Five Things I Am Grateful For Today
1. Google. I learned a lot.
2. I spotted some common sense on daytime TV
3. I got to talk to a real live person when I called a big corporation. I told him how much I appreciated that he wasn't a robot.
4. Pink legal pads!
5. That the six numbers on my Powerball ticket didn't win. It was dated August 2013. Whew!

Goodnight Friends

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