Wednesday, October 30, 2013

International Multilingual Peace Globes For YOU!

For the first time ever we have international multilingual peace globes in the following languages!
French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic.
Many thanks to Sachiko Ueyama in Oakland, California for creating them for us.
Feel free to use them in the upcoming BlogBlast For Peace.

Anti-War French
Modern Arabic
We Are The Family of Earth ~ Chinese
World Peace For Procession of Humanity ~ Japanese
Realize the dream of Peace ~ Spanish

Anti-discrimination ~ Japanese


Arabic: "Peace and Friendship"
Chinese: "We are all Family of the Earth"
French: With war - we, all the people of the world - can only lose. We are going to lose until we can make world peace a reality. 
Japaneses Blue: We are all people of the same planet. There is no reason to discriminate and fight against each other, this world is the world's world, and nothing causes more harm than discrimination. For the very reason that people hurt and kill each other by fault of discrimination, discrimination is there for the greatest threat of World Peace. To step even one foot toward World Peace, we must absolutely do away with discrimination. 

Japanese - Purple: People split the world up many different ways, such as a Third World, or making Europe and Asia separate continents, there are many views. We'll probably someday find another planet with animals; if it exists, we have that power within us.  The human race of this Earth is quite powerful. But we have no overcome yet one burden - that is, that we even now discriminate against each other and fight each other. As long as we continue hating, glaring at, doubting and fearing each other, we shall never even proceed a single step toward the future that shines brilliantly with possibility. This is why we must discard with hatred, discrimination, doubt and fear of each other. For ourselves, for each other, for the children and for the future. Now, with our hearts, let us dispose of it."

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These are great Mimi,xx Rachel

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