Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday Mimisms ~ Has Anyone Seen My Long Silver Earrings??

And just when I need them most! Tomorrow I am going for a mammogram, a yearly girly exam (just forget I said that), a cholesterol check, a blood pressure discussion, my annual general physical to check for working and un-working parts, an MRI of my arm, a consultation with the orthopaedic surgeon and multiple blood tests on my precious Queen skin. If I don't find those lucky earrings soon I'm not going to be a good patient.

I packed peanut butter crackers, chocolate, extra walking shoes, clean socks, a toothbrush, pretzels, extra batteries for my camera, Gone With The Wind (I will need the power of Scarlett), water bottles, change for emergency coffee runs, pen and paper to write down and check off my thousand questions and take dictation from the doctor so I won't forget what he says (he soooo hates that) and migraine pills 'cause I feel one coming on already. Did I mention I can't find my earrings?

Oh, and I've said a reverse voodoo prayer to ward off any unwanted gamma rays.   

See how my legs are all crumpled up? Maybe I'd better mention that to the doctor. 

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Akelamalu said...

Hope it all goes well Mimi. xx

Travis Cody said...

That's a lot to pack into a day. good idea to take snacks.

Can't help with the earrings. Would it help if Pam wore her lucky bootsses?


Wait...what were we talking about?

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