Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Eve of Dona Donis Pacem aka BlogBlast For Peace Is Upon Us

Somewhere in the world BlogBlast For Peace is dawning. It wouldn't be the same without Annelisa's sunrise photography. Captured in East Sussex, I am proud to call her my friend from across the pond.  Though this was her neighborhood in the United Kingdom it also reminds me a bit of Bloggingham Palace. Blanketed by a gloriously brilliant layer of sky, my world seems a bit closer to hers....and to yours. We live under the same sky. The same world. In fact, we've been sharing this blanket for some time now. 
Back in the year 2006 she sent this photograph to me.
In the fall of 2011 she mailed a signed print to Bloggingham with a lovely letter.  It means the world to me. Literally the world. Blogging friends and peace bloggers are real? Who knew?  

 I blog for peace because a long long time ago, one significant man chose to impart the best of himself to me. I'd like to say I didn't know how remarkable he was at the time, that I learned that later on in life and took him for granted. But that would not be true. I did know. I always knew. And he never let me down. That man was my grandfather.

But it was the children who woke me up to the possibilities of peace this morning.
This just in from Hailey and her foster kitty @ The Misadventures of Me. How could you doubt one minute that all things aren't possible after seeing this?

And clear across the world at almost the same time, I get a message on Facebook from this beautiful boy in the United Arab Emeritas. He wrote, "Greetings from a 4-year-old peace blogger in Abu Dhabi UAE.
My blog post will fire out midnight tonight (in 15 hours time)."

The Adventures Of Inigo Boy
Misadventures and Adventures showing up at the same time. Don't you love it? Coincidence? No. This launch has been full of Adventures and Misadventures.
Oh, but I'll take these two cuties and positive hope for the planet any day.
It's going to be a fine launch.

 See you soon. 
Let it begin.

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Travis Cody said...

Pam and I will sign in tomorrow so everyone can go directly to our Peace posts. Pam is so excited to sign in for Cats in the Condo.

Happy Blog Blast Eve!

Karen Jo said...

Great post. I am looking forward to all the BlogBlast for Peace posts. Mine will go up in about an hour.

Samantha & Mom said...

Hi Miz Mimi!! We are here with our Peace Globe!! We so enjoy this every year!! And it gets better all the time! Thanks for all you do!!
Hugs from your TX furinds,

Jessica said...

Peace to one and all! :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Peace, All! So good to see everybody. It's like family.

Annelisa said...

Aw Mimi, my friend from across the pond, it's lovely to see that picture up there again, and I'm so glad you liked the print. One day, it would be so lovely to meet up too...


I love the two children's peace globes (I recognise the name of the second as Nelson's son :-) If he turns out half as fine as his father, he will be a wonderful person!) I want a duvet like in the top one!
If there are no adventures, there are no misadventures, so yes, Adventures and Misadventures go particularly well together.

Have the best day ever tomorrow, Mimi! Happy BB4P!!

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