Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ Land Of The Killer Trees

Vacations are not for wimps.

Warning: not for the squeamish or if you faint at the sight of blood

 Oh, it was your usual vacation day. Watching kayaks launch. Stepping on sand as hot as coals. Simple sightseeing. Illegal museum pictures with a stealth blog camera. Driving the wrong way on one-way streets (but the policeman was nice - really! - even though he did yell at me) Dodging paparazzi. The usual. A nineteenth century fort by the sea. Tales of blockade runners and cargo ships, presidents and treason. A ten minute documentary about the fall of Fort Fisher in the Civil War era. Boom! Smoke! Cannons! Boom! complete with animation and sound effects. I was polite and tried not to wave my peace flag too noticeably. 
I climbed rocks even when the sign said 'do not climb'...
(do not tell)
I roamed thru gnarly things by the ocean
ghost ships and treasures
whispers in branches

 crying limbs who'd seen too much history

and then

I cut my finger on a tree. 

 It would have to be THAT finger. I can't even talk to people and wave my hands anymore lest they take offense. I'm so embarrassed.

And I'm running out of disguises.

 I'll bet Jackie O never had to go around looking like this.


Mark In Mayenne said...


The Gal Herself said...

No pain, no gain. And look at all you gained! I especially like the caption about limbs that have seen too much history.

BTW, maybe JBKO would have worn such a plain, elegant bandaid. In an essay she wrote when still Jacqueline Bouvier, she said: "I hated dolls, loved horses and dogs and had skinned knees and braces on my teeth." And until her last illness, she rode and water and snowed skied and played tennis, so I'm sure those knees continued to be skinned on occasion.

Charles Gramlich said...

Poor finger!

Sue said...

My best friend in college cut that very finger deeply, requiring multiple stitches, a metal splint and many bandages. When she was pissed with someone she flashed her entire hand at them. Later when the stitches and bandages were removed, she substituted the verbal warning to some one who displeased her "Do you want to see my scar?" It was very effective.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

you are aware I hate you for being at the beach. I love you in every other way, but you at the beach and not me...I hate you =]

Mimi Lenox said...

Mark - It was truly a disaster of epic proportions.

Gal - Well then I draw the line of comparison. Me on a horse and skiing? I think not.

Charles - Finally! Some sympathy!

Sue - ooohhhhh.... great idea! It hurts. whine whine whine

Mimi Lenox said...

Flower - Me thinks you are a spammer trying to get around the word verification change I made.
Good luck with that.

Mimi Lenox said...

Vinny - LOL
I am aware that you will get over it by the time I get back. I will send you a bag of sand. Happy now? (that was just mean, Mimi, mean....I love you too!)But I hate you also when you are at the Blues festivals.
We're even.


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