Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ Sweet Potatoes and Calamari

 Baby Boy and I were forced to find a new favorite restaurant this week. Ours bit the economic dust and closed its doors.  So, in between stops for a hot fudge sundae and a side order of french fries with ranch dressing (yes, he ate them together) and a quick run through the car wash, we drove through the little strip that is our town and pointed to this building and that, hoping to be drawn in by ambiance and playground equipment. Leave it to me to opt for the ambiance.
He walked up to the gated patio and took this shot.
 I disguised it for proper blog audience viewing lest we get sued by said Bistro.

It was 5:30 in the afternoon. What could go wrong? It certainly wasn't crowded. We were the only customers. Fitting for our first trip to "new favorite restaurant."
"Let's eat outside, Mimi!"
"Just what I was thinking, Baby Boy. Let's go."
 He posed for obligatory memory shot of first trip to new favorite restaurant.
 I disguised it for proper blog audience viewing lest we get sued by said Bistro. 
Remind me next time to actually eat first before getting carried away with the camera.

Menus. Coke and lemon water arrive, one with straw, one without. What memorable dish will we have first in our new favorite restaurant?  This process took much less time than usual.  Baby Boy can now read quite well.  He was not about to wait for me to tell him what to order. In thirty seconds he informed me that there was not a chicken finger tray with curly fries and peaches in sight. None. Not a one.  
"How about a nice cheeseburger with veggies and fruit? Do you see sandwiches anywhere?"...

"What DO you see?"
"Salmon, Mimi. I see salmon. I hate salmon."
"Macaroni! I think there is macaroni and cheese. Do you want some macaroni and cheese, Baby Boy?"
"Yes, Mimi. There is macaroni and cheese."
"What comes with it, Baby Boy?"
"Macaroni and cheese. It comes with macaroni and cheese."
"No fries?"
"Yes, but they don't go with the macaroni cause one is at the top of the page and one is at the bottom and....and...they are sweet. Sweet potatoes."
"I see....maybe I'd better have a look for myself."

 Crab, squid, artichoke and all things balsamic. Clam broth. Calamari. Pomegranate. Porcini dusted mahi mahi and brandied wild mushroom sauce over imported paella. Even the pizza sounded scandalous. **mental note: come back  with a date**  Nothing remotely resembling an eight-year-old and there was no way no how I could ever explain the Exotic Mushroom Risotto to his parents.  Roasted Petite Poulet for $32.99 at 5:45 in the afternoon and I'm not even wearing my heels!

The child said, "I want chicken tenders and french fries."

It wasn't a total loss. We did get a nice picture. And Baby Boy learned that sometimes you gotta politely fold 'em and move on. We left. A first for me. Well, if you don't count walking out on first dates and ducking in the ladies room until the coast is clear, but I only did that once because he was certifiably insane.

Looks like Baby Boy and I will be finding a new new favorite restaurant.
Sans the mahi mahi.

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Travis Cody said...

Oh my. Sounds like you need to go on a recon mission.

Mimi Lenox said...

Or two.

Mark In Mayenne said...

I guess there's horses for courses.

(Not suggesting they serve horse meat, just different eateries for different people)

Sounds like a perfect excuse to go exploring!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'll have a few nuggets please.

The Gal Herself said...

I believe my queen is the only woman ever who scopes locations for future dates with her grandson.

Mimi Lenox said...

Mark - We don't need an excuse to go exploring. He got the exploring gene honestly...

Charles - I swear he is going to turn into one.

Gal - You can say that again. My pleasure.

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