Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ It Was So Lady Gaga!!

**note: click on pics to biggify. They are much clearer that way. I could not get the sizes right on the blog**

Neither snow nor rain nor walnuts or people nuts will stop me from reporting the snowstorm of the century for you. I'm on it! And in it. We had a MASSIVE snowstorm last night here in the mountainous landscape of Bloggingham Palace. Massive! Actually, it was kinda puny.

 and only good for taking spooky tree shadow pictures...
Nonetheless, I'm on it for YOU!
This is what I found on our journey

trees danced in blue light

in the morning sky

I found Big Foot.
 apparently wearing tennis shoes
I ran 
and spilled water on my camera
which blurred the rest of my journey
and yours
but ended up pretty cool anyway....the trees look ghostly (no, that was not Mimi being Pollyanna-ish.
I was just making lemonade out of spilled snow)
But on I trudge to report the snowstorm of the century for my faithful readers
Who cares if it was just a dusting? What kind of reporter would I be if I couldn't climb a little 'ole hill or two to get a story? I'm sure I'll find some adventure soon. Maybe I should climb a tree.
Wait! What's this.....

 Rotten logs!  Now there's an interesting turn of events if I ever saw one I hope CBS isn't reading my blog today
I think I see Lady Gaga in there
 Don't you?
 She wore a mask sorta like that at the Grammys.

Daddy used to say in exasperation, "Sis, there's not a dang level piece of land on this whole property. You have to go up and down hills just to walk around the house."
"I know, Daddy. That's why I like it.   "Achoo!
Now I know how he felt.  I'm worn out just pointing at trees.
 What was I thinking?

I have the sniffles. Who am I kidding?
This doesn't warrant nut-hiding status for squirrels.
I'm sneezing. I'm coughing. My coffee cup is empty.
and my hat fell off
in the mud

If you don't mind, I think I'll go back in. By the time this story melts the snow will have gone to press. I mean. Oh, never mind. If you read me very much, you'll get it.
So there you have it. A massive story about the snow that barely was, 3-footed hairy monsters in Reeboks on my deck and eccentric musicians hiding in logs perhaps I've had too much cold medicine 
  This is Mimi Pencil Skirt reporting live from Bloggingham Palace.
Over and out (like a light) *sniff sniff*

Maybe daddy had a point.

Photography credit: Mimi Lenox
Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2012


Jamie said...

Hot chocolate, marshmallows, warm fires, and not removing mittens until you are toasty

Mimi Lenox said...

Yes ma'am.

Shannon W. said...

I dont think the trees are ghostly. I think they are beautiful.

You need a nice mug of hot chicken noodle soup!

Anonymous said...

Your snow is pretty like sugar frosting. My snow is like... well... huge fat marshmallows.

I hope you feel better soon :)

Travis Cody said...

Silly Mimi!

I hope you didn't get ice!

Mimi Lenox said...

Shannon - I like those pictures as well. The trees have motion. At least that's what I tell myself....

Mimi Lenox said...

Dawn - Only a poet like yourself would describe snow as sugar frosting. Lovely wording!
I feel no better yet. Yuk.

Mimi Lenox said...

Trav - Silly is good. Achoo!

The Gal Herself said...

For a Southern belle, you have a keen appreciation for the beauty in snow and ice. (And chocolate.) I applaud you!

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