Sunday, September 4, 2011

100 Reasons to Blog4Peace ~ Langston Hughes and Oman Poets

If Langston Hughes in some shocking cross-over world of living and dead, could meet the sage poet from Oman known as Nasra, I believe they could craft a shining example of what it means to be searchers of the soul, dancers of diversity.... and keepers of the peace. They and a host of other willing writers would like to have their say. Let's listen.

I blog for peace because Gemma in Melbourne, Australia said, 
Peace is a light
Breaking any darkness
Peace is inner happiness
Driving the meaning of life
Reason #69

I blog for peace because in the European country of Montenegro, Holistic Mama says....
"We will probably never see an end to all those little wars between small countries. But the big wars, the ones where billions of tax dollars/pounds are spent, instead of going towards health and education, the ones where countless lives are lost for nothing but a Big Shot's financial gain - those wars have a chance of disappearing.

I hope so, for every young person's sake. I hope the world has a chance."
Reason #68

I blog for peace because DaisyGirrrl from the British Virgin Islands said...
Reason #67

I blog for peace because back in the blog year 2006, I got a peace globe crafted by a poetess from the country of Oman. It was one of the first peace globes I ever received and I was thrilled to learn about her and her country. She (iamNasra) writes A window Within Myself and rightly calls herself a poet.

…O God
…Do you feel like crying
…Or raging towards our destruction
…What had happened to us
Read the rest of her poem entitled Search For God here.
Reason #66

I blog for peace because from The Netherlands hail Karl & Ruis, who taught me a lot about groovy peace cats. They even let me borrow their glasses. After I admitted I'm just a hooman.
Reason #65

I blog for peace because Mar in Barcelona, Spain flew a blue dove in 2007 & 2008..and I saw it fly by.
Reason #64

I blog for peace because Digital Catharsis from The United Arab Emeritas takes time out from his  busy life as a surgical nurse to blog for peace. He wrote,
"Today, bloggers join hands in voicing out their common aspiration for our own planet"
Reason #63

I blog for peace because in the Czech Republic there is a blogger quoting Langston Hughes.
And Langston Hughes on a peace globe is just a beautiful thing.
Namnet in all her "philosophizing" said,"
"You cannot change the world just by yourself. But you can do something. And if everyone of us does something, then those "somethings" can get the world changed"
 Reason #62

And I blog for peace because in Tel Aviv, Israel...there is Robin the photographer, whose life happens around her kitchen island and who asks a question of mankind.
Reason #61

I blog for peace because there are thousands of little blue globes just like these. They all have something unique to say.

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2011

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