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Friday, April 29, 2011


An abandoned house
not much to see

and yet the wisteria
called to me

a window
a room
a story
a host

surely somewhere
there must be a ghost

I see him.
Do you?
Images: Mimi Lenox

Photography credit: Mimi Lenox
I'll just be here under my Easter bonnet, embarking on another adventure during Easter vacation.  I will be back Monday May 2, 2011. In the meantime, enjoy Poetry Week on Mimi Writes.


Berryvox said...

I want my dreams to look like that. :)

Akelamalu said...

Ooooer a ghost????

Ferd said...

Another gem from the master of whimsy!
Love it!

Ferd said...

Kayla! Good to see you here! :-)

Dawn Drover said...

Love the last pic... spooky :)

Linda said...

There used to be wisteria at the house I lived in on Laurel Hill before moving down to the flatlands where I am now. It was so beautiful but nothing like the wisteria in these pictures which is gorgeous!

I always think of wistful when I think of wisteria - they seem to go well together don't you think?

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