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Friday, April 29, 2011

We Interrupt our regularly scheduled Poetry Week for a Royal Word about The Royal Wedding!

 I set my sleepyhead pencil head alarm clock to rise early this morning in order to watch The Royal Marriage of Prince William and his bride Catherine Middleton. I only hit the snooze button once (which is unheard of in my world!) and scampered to the coffee pot forthwit....with??....oh, I so want to speak the King's English today. Nevermind.

They are preparing to leave Westminster Abbey, as I am watching now at 7:04 am, to a throng of people we've been able to hear cheering outside at the moment they were pronounced husband and wife.  He just took her hand to escort her to curtsy to Queen Elizabeth before they leave the church.
 AHHHhhhhhhhh....the walk .....such a beautiful thing to watch. So much joy and happiness, tradition...oh! I think he almost stepped on the edge of her dress! **gotta get ready for work***

The lace, the tiara (yes, I know the Lord's Blessing was more important but still) and they are coming into the outside now.....oh and I am remembering the marriage of Prince William's mother, Princess Diana....and her passing. She is watching. Surely she must be there in spirit.

I must say....she looks as though she was borne to be Queen.
Oh! The Groom. He is fine and handsome. And saluting the branches of the Armed Forces as he passes....
**eating bagel**

Must go now! I shall return.
Congratulations to Prince William and his new Princess - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Akelamalu said...

Wasn't it just all so beautiful Mimi? My eyes filled with tears of happiness at so many things - how beautiful they looked, the obvious joy in their hearts, the crowds patriotism, 'the kiss', the weather, oh I could go on and on and on.......

Ferd said...

Didn't get up early, but have been watching the reruns. I agree, she is queenly! Almost as queenly as you, Mims! :-)

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