Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Run On The Moon

The SuperMoon graced the Universe Saturday evening! Since it was a much publicized worldwide event, I thought that we as global blogging citizens should share in the telling from our respective corners of the world. And if you didn't happen out this weekend to have some lunar fun, play along anyway. I'm sure I can think of SOMEthing to ask of relevance. And besides, the lunar phase has made me antsy to do a little dungeon throwing. I haven't in a long time.
Can you moon the walk or just talk the talk?

Do your best, my friends.
Do your best.
Your future depends on it. 
There's a bad moon rising.

1. Did you take a picture of the moon SuperMoon Saturday evening? 

If so, please post it. If not, steal one and post it.
I took lots of pictures of the moon and wrote a disturbing post about it all.  There was a man in the moon in my moon!

2. Have you ever howled at the moon?
Definitely not. Perhaps I'll put it on my bucket list. (not)
Why isn't he wearing a crown?

3. Do you believe that feelings and emotions are affected by the changes in lunar phases? (ie: children misbehave, lovers misbehave, tempers fly)
Ever walked into a daycare on a full moon? Two-year-olds will run you over with Tonka trucks.

4. In the language of astronomy, the two extremes of the moon are called ''apogee'' (far away) and ''perige" (nearby). Who or what would you like to be apogee and who/what perige?
(Crikey! I can now talk moon talk!)
I would like STRESS to be apogee and CHOCOLATE to be perige. At all times.
5. Name a famous moon walker.
Naming a moon walker is the easy part, Mimi. A moon RUNNER would have been the better question. Why didn't I think of that?
6. Scientists claim there is no relation whatsoever between a Supermoon and natural disasters. Yet we have experienced tsunamis and earthquakes in the last 7 days on Earth.  Do you believe them?
Do I believe what? That natural disasters or the scientists? 
I believe the great God of Google has more power than even the moon. WikiLeaks and viral YouTube sensations prove my point.

7.  Creedence Clearwater Revival sang about the evil of the moon.  Is there a Bad Moon Rising in your life?

I am soooo done with bad moons this year. It's time for a new moon.
Maybe I should start that howling now.

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Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

"I would like STRESS to be apogee and CHOCOLATE to be perige. At all times."

Me too!

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