Saturday, October 23, 2010

12 Days Til BlogBlast For Peace ~ The Earth Mother Speaks

BlogBlast For Peace 2010 20 Day Countdown ~ Day 12
with quotations and prose from famous peace activists -

I am listening to the voices of peace bloggers.

I have long maintained that while there is significant noise in numbers, the real power of the peace globe movement lies in the eloquent prose  buried deep in the pages  of peace posts from Nigeria to Switzerland. But when people are not allowed to speak, hope is forever silenced and change has no chance.......because silence is the greatest partner to apathy and apathy is the greatest threat of all. My hope is that this movement will continue to harness and illuminate the goodness and imagination of people whose  hearts truly long for peace and tolerance.  It is my belief that massive change always starts  with momentum born of passion and unrest.
Let our words start the flood  of permanent peace.
If we believe that words are powerful.....then this matters.

Day 12 belongs to
Michelle of Crow's Feet, the lady who came from Africa and landed in Scotland, wrote words to live by last November.  She seemed to embody the Mother Earth vibe throughout peace globe season, dreaming dreams, interpreting MY dreams, sharing vibes and visions of peace with me. I like her earthy wisdom and the mystical slant that seems to run through her life. Michelle knows how to get to the point. See?    See writes:
I blog for Peace because I have a 26 year old friend who has war injuries 
that will cause him problems for the rest of his life.
I blog for Peace in memory of friends and relatives who have fought and died so that others could live in a better world than they did.
I blog for Peace because ordinary people die in conflicts while politicians argue over which choices will bring them the most power and financial gain.

But mostly I blog for Peace because I want a better future for our world's children.

Peace is more than a lack of wars and terrorism. Peace is a lack of wanting, or needing, to cause violent harm. Peace is realising we aren’t countries, cultures or religions who need to overcome and subdue each other – we are one planet that needs to work together in order to have a future for our children.

Every mother wants a positive future for her children… the Earth as Mother is no different.

I had intended to use the white poppy for my Peace Globe, but the Earth Mother image took over along the way... Mother knows best? ;-) Goodness knows thinking of the Earth as our Mother certainly made me look beyond the surface issues of this planet we all share. That in turn led me to create the video about what Peace really means to me.

And that she did. 

You have a voice.
What will you say?

November 4, 2010


Terica said...

I just watched the video it is so moving . I am going to share it too.
thanks for all You are doing. Be Proud of yourself and give yourself a Pat on the back.Peace terica

Travis Cody said...

This is one of my all time favorite Peace Globes.

Michelle said...

What a wonderful surprise! :-D

Thank you Mimi, Terica and Travis :-)

At the moment I'm all out of words, so... just BIG ((hugs))

That's still my favourite of those I've made too. It just was the perfect image.

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