Thursday, April 29, 2010

Moving Faster Than a Runaway Train

What a wild week this is shaping up to be! Every minute it seems is filled to the brim with details of things I need to do. But I'm not complaining.
Life is good.

This week is full of rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal. I'm playing and conducting a performance. One of the pieces moves faster than a runaway train and I'm just praying my brains and my fingers fly in the right direction over the tracks. The nine (yes, I said nine) key changes are driving me insane and with not a beat to rest. I'm beat!
So to speak.

Friday night there is a dinner dance....and the guest list looks VERY interesting. So I'm shedding the conductor's black for a little black...umm.....something.
Then I'm traveling later in the weekend to sing at a wedding and reunite with a few old friends I haven't seen in years.
It should be a wonderful trip and reunion.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!
Every time I've EVER performed at a wedding there is a divorce to follow.
I neglected to mention that to the bride-to-be. Don't tell her, k?

I shall report on Monday and take lots of pictures while I'm there.
And I will try not to fall out of the car window and break my vocal cords.
And other usable parts.

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Anonymous said...

Yes please. Keep all your usable parts intact!

Have a great week!

Mojo said...

Little black "something"?

Pictures, or it never happened.

And I don't think you can take too much credit for the divorce rate. I think the latest stats are something like 2 out of 3 no matter who does the music. So if there's a 67% chance they'll wind up fighting over the wagon wheel coffee table anyway, they might as well have great music at the wedding, right?

Yes, it's been a runaway week for sure. I actually have a little news of my own. Stop by and see me, K?

Heh. My word verification is "retro". Think they're trying to tell me something?

Cogitator said...

Shaping up to be a great week. Enjoy!

Tom Eagerley said...

Nine key cahnges? Sounds like Adam Pelzer to me.
Life is so exciting for you. Do you mind if I live vicariously through you?

bazza said...

Blimey! I hope Tom isn't annoying you but he is trying take over the comments in my blog. He's a cheeky rascal.
Have a wonderful week. How will you find time to blog?

Akelamalu said...

I want to see the little black 'something' as well as the wedding please. ;)

bobbybegood1 said...

I won't tell er, promise, k. Have great fun Mimi. Some girls have all the luck!! Cheers!!

The Gal Herself said...

Your highness, you're intimidating me! You write, you paint, you photograph, and you perform, and you do it all while looking killer in a pencil skirt! No wonder we all genuflect in your general direction.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

YAY pictures!!!!

Travis said...

Not falling is always a good thing to aspire to.

Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, little black something covers a lot of territory.

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