Sunday, October 25, 2009

Montenegro Weighs In On The Power of Peace

What do peace bloggers say? Hear their cry. One voice at a time.

"I live in a country right now that endured a sanction. A country that had nothing to do with the conflicts. While the trouble-makers were a small rebel group, the rest of the world believed it was the entire government and the ordinary citizen who were behind 'atrocities'.

A country where the ordinary people had to line up for bread and oil, and those things were only available on certain days. Where there were no jobs, little hope, and nights were passed watching cross-fire in the distance. For what? For some Big Shots to line their pockets in a faraway land. War is big bucks, to the Big Shots."

So sayeth From Holistic Mama ~ Montenegro ~ November 2008 - the first peace blogger from that country - Peace globe #1300

What will you say?
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Mojo said...

I'd never heard of Montenegro (other than Hugo Montenegro I mean) until now. It's interesting to look back at the posts from last season and see what people were thinking then. And wondering if they think the same way now.

katherine. said...

very cool to have another country added on...

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