Wednesday, August 19, 2009

M*A*S*H ~ They are singing our song

I didn't know this video existed until tonight. A Facebook peace blogger named Karin Doyle (yes, we're there too. We're everywhere!) anyway.. the strange thing is, she's not a former peace blogger or connection I recognized or remembered from any of the usual avenues of complex connections in the black hole of social networking. She's not even one of my friends on Facebook. (YET. I just sent a request).

Somehow, she started sending out invitations for the BlogBlast For Peace group on FB. When folks joined, she thanked them and sent them a note. Imagine. Someone I never heard of, sending it along and actively involving herself.
How did I find her?
Glad you asked.

I literally stumbled across this comment by her tonight on a new friend's page. As I said, I don't know her. I've never even heard of her until reading this. This is what she wrote, "It's really funny how I got into this. It started by my starting a blog ( and looking up other elder blogs (since there's a shortage a old people on Facebook) and I had people who started folllowing my blog of whom is a very talented Portugese artist who was born in Mozambique. I was amazed that she would follow my blog and sort of took it as an omen that it was time to stop playing the victim and feeling sorry for myself. And then another woman named Bobbie had the BlogBlast for Peace on her blog and I've recently been been watching the Youtube of the cast of Mash singing Dona Nobis Pacem and then somehow started thinking of Jung and synchronicity and the collective unconscious and thought okay don't give up on human beings yet."

See, my fine bloggy peace bloggers, THAT is the magic of peace globes.
That is the unselfish hunger for a better world.
That is the connection of humanity, the kindness of strangers, the hope in all of us, and the beautifully strange tethered cord of coincidence turned the right way.
Thank you Karin, for re-defining our purpose and giving me the push I needed tonight.
Here's the video. It is awesome!!

When we all sing "Dona nobis pacem" on November 5th,
let it be with this spirit.

November 5, 2009
The Peace Globe Gallery

P.S. Please go visit Karin. She needs help with her globe and needs a little encouragement.
Thank you, Bobbie, from southern New Jersey for introducing Karin to us who in turn inspired me to write tonight.


Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

There are no coincidences... everything happens for a reason.
Beautiful post Mimi :)

Anonymous said...

WOOT Congrats my friend on this. So much of this has to do with your hard work and it pays off. You should be very proud of yourself for this. Wonderful post my friend. And I so agree with Dawn LOL.

Mimi Lenox said...

Mr. Lance - I can't wait!

Mimi Lenox said...

Dawn - I'm holding that thought.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thom - I think the world just fell off its axis. You agreed with Dawn.


Julie said...

Whoa......I have goosebumps. And my heart is filled with excitement for you because you realized once again that YOU are making a difference!

Don't ever doubt it dear Mimi.

Jaffer said...

I am a big fan of M*A*S*H and I love watching every bit of it !

This is such a special video - so beautiful !

Mimi Lenox said...

Julie - Don't you love it when a plan comes together?
I hope Karin follows the cookie crumbs and gets over here to meet you guys.

Mimi Lenox said...

Jaffer - Thank you for taking the time to embed the YouTube link on my Facebook post in the comment section. I should have done that. Duh.

MASH was a huge part of my psyche growing up. Still is.

Svem said...

Go for it, Mimi, you're doing great.

Vodka Mom said...

very, very cool,Mimi.

I bow to you.

bobbie said...

I am so glad that you wrote this post! And that you also posted the video. I've added that to my collection. Karin is a special person, and I'm sure that she, like the rest of us, will reap the rewards that come with trying to reach the inhabitants of this planet with the message of peace. And just look at how many you have managed to reach already, Mimi!

Akelamalu said...

That's great news Mimi and a great video too. :)

katherine. said...

kinda cool to stumble on your efforts!

I remember this video.

jennifer said...

This post made me cry. Beautiful.

Ferd said...

Amen, Mimi.

This brought a tear to my eye. The whole connection/humanism thing, wow! And the Dona Nobis Pacen MASH thing as well. I was a huge fan of the show but also don't remember that episode. You must feel very good about the peace work you are doing. And well you should!

Travis said...

If words have power, then surely this has meaning. Three very simple, powerful words.

Mojo said...

Help with a globe? I AM the man. Got a whole ding-dong collection of shiny new blank ones just waiting to be customized.


Ah, Mimi, you never fail to touch my heart and soul. I needed this from you today. And God sent me straight here! Blessings! Cathy

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