Monday, October 6, 2008

If Words Are Powerful....Then This Matters ~ Voices From Iowa (Day 1)

While I waged war, you waged peace. Last June, beginning with the last 30 days leading up to the launch of BlogBlast For Peace #4, I presented each of the thirty conflicts around the world pictorially and statistically in hellish detail here at Mimi Writes ~ Thirty Days Thirty Reasons To Fly A Peace Globe. It was bloody. It was horrifying. It was the worst of humanity ever to inhabit my blog page.
And it was life changing.

For me.

At times I felt no one was listening at all.
Some of you admitted to ignoring my blog during this time because you couldn't stand to read the depressing facts one more day. Trust me, I understood. For awhile I thought I'd lost my readers.
That is, until BlogBlast For Peace ~ A Revolution of Words rolled in....not with tanks and weapons, but armored with a determined and quiet invasion. Little did I know that while the suffering of war waged here in my little world, bloggers were penning the most impressive array of peace posts I'd ever read. When I learned this from my blogger friend Margo Moon last June, I was astounded.
She wrote, "
"Had to let you know today, I received my third peace post preview from a fellow blogger. Just wanted you to be aware that bloggers take their peace posts so seriously, that drafts get passed back and forth for inspection, then they get tweaked, and sent around again. This is such an organic movement."

.....followed by a statement from Hahn At Home who wrote, "This is a powerful movement that I hope continues and gains strength until the last bullet has flown, the last child has died, and before the last of hope is lost. ~ Lori Hahn ~ Sacramento, California

And I knew that you were here. And listening.
And laying your words on the page.

So I wrote A Changing Queen In An Upside Down World on June 4 and watched our quiet revolution begin. You showed up wearing garlands of daisies, spouting doctoral level dissertations, splattering kindergarten colors on bold blue globes, ranting, ruminating, remembering.....waging peace. It was loud. It was heard.
It was extraordinary.

I won't totally abandon the thirty days of war posts - that would send the wrong message - you'll find them at the bottom of each for the next 30 days in case you'd like to revisit and in my sidebar. This time I've chosen to take those award winning diatribes of peace, whittled and honed down to perfection by bloggers from now 40 countries (and counting), and show you just how revolutionary we have become. I have read all 1100++ posts. Here are but a few snippets of wisdom from the blogosphere. You won't want to miss a day.

Powerful Voices ~ Day One
Peace Spotted Here: Almost Somewhat Positive
Location: Iowa USA Blogger: Mary Date: November 7, 2007

"Wouldn't it be something if our children saw war as a thing of the past
instead of a horrible and ever present reality? If they didn't have to see violent and disturbing images on the news? Or didn't have to ask, "Where is my mommy and daddy, don't they love me more than being a soldier?" What would our world be like if children didn't see their parents killed in front of them or have them die in their arms? And if parents didn't have to see their child pick up a gun. What if we lived in a world where governments and persons of power didn't exploit their own people for personal gain?

I cannot stop the bullets and the bombs.
I cannot bring our soldiers home.
I cannot quell the suffering of the millions.
I cannot overthrow a corrupt
government and establish true democracy.
I feel that I cannot be heard.

Until today.

Dona Nobis Pacem."

Mary's words are powerful.
She matters.

30 Days/30 Reasons To Fly A Peace Globe
#1 ~ Sri Lanka
#2 ~ Darfur



Sandee said...

Rock on Mimi, rock on. We are right here with you. Big hug and tons of lovies. :)

Mike Golch said...

as Sandee, said rock on,baby rock on!

Anonymous said...

Very well said!! :)

katherine. said...

write on!


Travis Cody said...

Thank you for hi-lighting some of these great peace posts. I wasn't able to visit as many blogs as I wanted last time, and I know I missed some wonderful words.

Thanks for the opportunity to see them here.

Lizza said...

The little things we do can add up to make a big difference. Hats off to you, Mims, for the difference you're making.

Carver said...

"Wouldn't it be something if our children saw war as a thing of the past". Better words were seldom spoke.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sadly, I thought both candidates talked a lot like hawks last night at the debate.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You go girl...

Cinnamon Girl said...

I have heard people say they couldn't watch Katrina coverage because it was too depressing. Or Darfur coverage. Or AIDS documentaries. All I can say how friggin selfish. You think WATCHING is depressing? Try living it. I LOVE that you highlight things.

Ignoring things like Darfur does not make it go away. It only leads to 6 million people going into ovens.

bundle-o-contradictions said...

**sniff** It takes a lot to leave me speechless, but you & your bloggie friends frequently do.

Akelamalu said...

I have to confess I didn't read all your posts but I did read most of them to remind me why we should all make the effort.

Blogblast for Peace is definitely the biggest effort in the Blogosphere and you are it's Queen. x

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

And those fools said it was not worthy... BAH

You are a leader with your words and actions.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sandee - I need one of your hugs everyday, my friend. Right back at ya.

Mike - giggling...

Tish - Mary said it right, didn't she?

Katherine - I shall "write" on. Ha!

Mimi Lenox said...

Travis - I know you read almost as many as I did - at least you tried to. Aren't they wonderful?

Lizza - And to you my little Filipino bosom buddy (since the very first peace globe day!)

Carver - Amen to that.

Mimi Lenox said...

Charles - It wasn't a stellar debate but I did hear one talk about The Peace Corps...

Bud - I'm goin....keep me encouraged please. I'm countin' on it.

Starrlight - You are one of the most politically aware bloggers I know. I respect you and your opinion. Thank you.

Autumn - My bloggie friend (including you) are extraordinary people.

Akelamalu - And you are my wonderful friend that I appreciate very much. Can I borrow your grass skirt for a Halloween Party?

Mimi Lenox said...

Bond - Hugs to you, my awesome friend from Memphis. You rock. And you have a peace blogger's heart like no other.

Kimmie said...

Mimi, you are such an inspiration to me. Thank You for posting this today. You have made such a difference in this world. God Bless Your Peace Loving Heart.

Mimi Lenox said...

Kimmie - All hugs accepted here. Peace bloggers are inspirational to me...

Ferd said...

I wasn't following your blog back then, so I'll have to read each of those 30 posts. That must have been gut wrenching for you. But isn't it amazing what it accomplished!?!
This post has given me reason to go back over my upcoming BlogBlast post. Every time I read it, I tweak it a bit more. I hadn't considered sharing it for constructive criticism until now. Maybe I'll do that, too.
Thanks, Mimi. You're the greatest! YOU matter!

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