Saturday, October 18, 2008

BlogBlast For Peace Banners ~ Do You Have One?

Update! Participate in BlogBlast4Peace Nov 4, 2014.

Other posts today: Breaking News! Even The Cows Are Bloggin' For Peace

Globes are flying. Banners are buzzin! See new globes for November in this slideshow.
Please send yours in. Let your voice be heard.
Click here for complete BlogBlast instructions!

Many thanks to the following bloggers for placing a banner on your blogs. Enjoy the link love. I know I've missed people. Please let me know if you are missing from this list and I will place you here and in my sidebar. If you don't have one yet, time is fast approaching! With 18 days left til launch some of you may be feeling the pinch to get things done. I know of two bloggers who have offered assistance. Mojo in this post from Why? What Have You Heard? and Trav from Trav's Thoughts is always generous with his time to help.
Anyone else feel graphically blessed today and would like to help? Just let me know and we'll get this party rolling.......I've made a batch of peace cupcakes just for the occasion and a cup of cappuccino coffee....see?
Thank you for promoting peace globes on your blogs.
Can we reach thousands this time?

Fly Away Home ~ Dallas, Texas
Forks Off The Moment ~ New Jersey

WTIT Tape Radio: The Blog ~ Connecticut


Ferd said...

Thanks for the link love, Mimi!
There is A LOT of excitement out there!
Can hardly wait!! : )

Mimi Lenox said...

Ferd - Thank YOU.

NurseExec said...

My globe is up!

Gattina said...

I put the logo up. I sent you my globe already I think !

Crushed said...

I'll get one if you show me how to get one :)

Travis said...

I'm always happy to assist.

Of course, I still haven't figured out my new Globe yet.

TopChamp said...

still not had time to create the globe - but your banner is now up.

Given that I have no blog traffic it'll do you no good but I'm in anyway x

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