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Reason #25 To Fly A Peace Globe ~ Civil War in Chad

Update: The 5-year long conflict in Chad ended with a peace treaty on January 15, 2010. Humanitarian efforts are ongoing.

Still need a reason? Here's #25 .....

Since 2005, more than 600 Chadian citizens have been killed in cross-border raids in the Sudan. That is a conservative estimate.
Above: A tribal delegation from one of the many diverse ethnic groups in the region

Where? Chad in central Africa (borders Libya, Sudan, Central African Republic, Niger, Nigeria). It is an area of the world rich in cultural heritage with over 200 distinct ethnic groups. (see photo above Image: Mark Knobil Creative Commons license 2.0)

Due to its desert climate and distance from the sea, it is often referred to as the "dead heart of Africa" and it is "home" to hundreds of thousands of refugees from other parts of war torn Africa.

Who? Chadian government forces and many different anti-government Chadian rebel groups. The Janjaweed militia - are also involved, as they are in Darfur and Sudan. They are widely known for their brutal methods of conflict, rape, and murder. The term simply means "armed man on horseback."
Why are they fighting? To overthrow the government

The war has deep and complicated connections to the War in neighboring Darfur. Refugees seeking asylum stream in from Darfur to eastern Chad as Chadian civilians flee in the opposite direction. It should be noted that of the thousands of terrified refugees flee the region (200 daily) and many report that they have been victims of the rebels, the "bandits" and government forces.. They have endured attacks on their villages, attacks on their towns, looting for food and supplies by intruders, burning of their homes, and the forced removal of young boys to recruit as soldiers.

Imagine gathering your children, your belongings, your senses.....and leaving everything you've ever known because of murderous violence in your face that is beyond your control. What do I tell my hungry child, my frightened spouse, my sick father who is too old to travel?

What do I do?

I would get up and move.

If I lived in Chad, I would have no choice.

I am appalled by the needless suffering in my world.
If words are powerful, then this matters.

Come on. Join the Revolution.

How To Get Your Peace Globe


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