Monday, May 5, 2008

Reason #4 To Fly a Peace Globe ~ Pakistan

2019 Update: Ongoing Source: Wikipedia List of wars involving Pakistan

Thirty Days ~ Thirty Reasons

There are thirty ongoing violent conflicts waging right now around the globe. The United Nations defines Major Wars as military conflict inflicting 1,000 battlefield deaths per year. Wikipedia expands that definition to include wars that cause destruction and humanitarian crisis of outstanding severity." Ongoing civil wars fueled by racial, ethnic, or religious differences come with a new twist that distinguishes them from wars in previous generations - civilian casualties. During World War I non-combatants made up less than 5% of casualties. Today, the number is a staggering 75% civilians killed or wounded.

Just a few days from now we will engage in another BlogBlast For Peace. By my research and estimation, there are at LEAST 30 very good reasons to fly a peace globe. To begin your activism. To increase our awareness of the suffering of others. To talk about peace. To write about peace. To be part of a larger voice for peace. To invoke peace. To pray for peace. To focus on peace.

To wage peace.

Need a reason to fly a globe?
Here's Reason #4

Waziristan (Pakistan)

Who is fighting? In the mountainous region of northwest Pakistan between 2,600 and 7,100 people have lost their lives caught in the violence between the Pakistani Army and militant extremists, the Taliban and local extremists. A search for Al-Qaeda resulted in armed opposition by local extremists. Many analysts believe that the region of Pakistan holds more far-reaching ramifications in the global scheme of war and peace than any other conflict.

I am appalled by the needless suffering in my world.
If words are powerful, then this matters

How To Get Your Peace Globe
November 5, 2009
The Peace Globe Gallery

Reason #1 Sri Lanka
Reason #2 Darfur
Reason #3 Iraq


Sandee said...

Yep, this is another good reason. What is happening there will happen here one day. Our first taste was 9/11. It's the way of things. Sadly. :)

bundle-o-contradictions said...

I hate to think that there are so many reasons we need to remind the world of peace...

Patti said...

Yes, yet another reason. This is so depressing, Mimi, but you are shedding light on the subject and are to be commended.

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