Saturday, May 31, 2008

Reason #22 To Fly A Peace Globe ~ Insurgency In the Maghreb

As seen from the Basilica of Our Lady of Africa ~ The coast of Algiers.

Here's Reason #22....

The Maghreb insurgency
part of The War on Terrorism
since 2002

The Maghreb in north Africa. The name means "place of sunset"... Think Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Tunisia...

WHO? neo-Khawarij Islamist militia known as Salafist Group For Preaching and Combat (GSPC) which is aligned with an Al-Qaeda organization and is designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the European Union and the US State Department. The Free Salafist Group, a splinter division sector from the GSPC, are also at war with the Algerian government there. Both insurgent militia groups oppose Western interests, the GSPC laying claims to attack American, French and Algerian interests.

WHY? To overthrow the Algerian government and institute an Islamic state

It is a continuation of the Algerian Civil War that "ended" in 2002 and claimed 150,000-200,000 lives. Kidnappings (especially journalists) were - and are - a prominent part of the politically based conflict and widely reported as a terrorist activity. Suicide bombings in and around Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco, as well as the sporadic killing of foreign tourists happened frequently in 2007. See French Tourists killing December 2007 and 2003 Casablanca bombings.

The madness continues in the "land of the sunset."

This is a NASA public domain image from space of Mauritania.
I see peace. Don't you?

I am appalled by the needless suffering in my world.
If words are powerful, then this matters.

Come on. Join the Revolution.
How To Get Your Peace Globe

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