Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reason #19 To Fly A Peace Globe ~ The Niger Delta (Can someone say oil?

Need another reason to fly a peace globe? Here's reason #19....
Conflict in the Niger Delta
began 1992

Where? The Niger Delta is the delta of the Niger River in Nigeria. It is Africa's biggest producer of petroleum. It has many oil wells and oil rivers which extract some 2 million barrels a day. It also forms the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet due to the burning of natural gas extracted in oil wells there.
Tensions arose between foreign oil corporations and minority ethnic groups in the Niger Delta region who felt they were begin exploited. Many ethnic groups fight competitively for the oil wealth even though democracy came to Niger Delta with the election of the Obasanjo government in 1999.
Now, the entire region is militarized.

WHO? Ethnic militia groups and Nigerian military
Also, the Movement For the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) is a militant indigenous people's movement. MEND has been allegedly linked to attacks on foreign owned petroleum companies. The armed group wants localized control of the natural resources in the Niger Delta region.
Also involved - The Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force - a rebel group in Nigeria
Quoting from Wiki. "In a January 2006 email MEND warned the oil industry, "It must be clear that the Nigerian government cannot protect your workers or assets. Leave our land while you can or die in it.....Our aim is to totally destroy the capacity of the Nigerian government to export oil."

Interesting aside: On May 4, 2008, MEND announced that because of their respect for US senator Barack Obama, they are considering a temporary ceasefire appeal made by Senator Obama. "....Obama is someone we respect and hold in high esteem."

The militants have bombed two pipelines and recently kidnapped four foreign oil workers from Bulgaria, Britain, Honduras and the United States.
The cycle of violence continues.
I am appalled by the needless suffering in my world.
If words are powerful, then this matter.

Come on. Join the Revolution.
How To Get Your Peace Globe

The Thirty Days Thirty Reasons Series:
There are more than thirty ongoing violent conflicts waging right now around the globe. The United Nations defines Major Wars as military conflict inflicting 1,000 battlefield deaths per year. Wikipedia expands that definition to include wars that cause destruction and humanitarian crisis of outstanding severity." Ongoing civil wars fueled by racial, ethnic, or religious differences come with a new twist that distinguishes them from wars in previous generations - civilian casualties. During World War I non-combatants made up less than 5% of casualties. Today, the number is a staggering 75% civilians killed or wounded. In less than thirty days we will engage in another BlogBlast For Peace. By my research and estimation, there are at LEAST 30 very good reasons to fly a peace globe. To begin your activism. To increase our awareness of the suffering of others. To talk about peace. To write about peace. To be part of a larger voice for peace. To invoke peace. To pray for peace. To focus on peace.To wage peace

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