Thursday, February 14, 2008

To Catch A Blog Thief: The Dust Diary Scandal

Updated and ongoing: Since I posted this earlier I've discovered a few things about the site known as Dust One is that there are keywords from my stories linked from the left sidebar that go directly to a mega-ad page with lots and lots of Google ads. It's like my stolen blog content is being used as a decoy. Here little are some nice words for you to spam here (said the spider to the fly)...and then you find yourself somewhere else quickly. I'll keep you posted. (oh. that was funny.) Read on........

A friend very kindly pointed out to me this week that some lowlife pirating parasite on the Internet knocked on the castle door and stole my blog posts. Selectively stolen, mind you. Not from one site, but from two.

Are these my words?
You betcha.
Did I write them?
You betcha.
Do I own them?
Yooouuuu betcha.

DustDiary is a Wordpress blog hosted through and registered with Illiterate criminal immoral repro-parasites are splogging me and probably some of you. Interestingly, there are no ads on the pages they've pirated. One is about peace globes (announcing it after it happened), two pages from the Comeback Challenge Round 21, one is a recap of the Year of 2007 which appeared on my blog a year ago but is dated Feb 2, 2008 on the fake blog and on and on and on....

There is no mention of Mimi Lenox. There is no link to my blog. There IS a notice on each page that reads Copyright 2006 Mike Lopez. No one else is taking credit as far as I can see. It names the person who "posted" my stolen work (two different names) and then the copyright statement by Lopez at the bottom.

Last I checked, my name had not changed to Queen Mike.
But are things as they appear?

Here's what happened: A "poster" calling himself americanmuscle (oh please) set up a blog called Meme Mimi Just Blog Peace and stole four of my posts. I will not -and should not link directly to the creeps. Here are the deactivated urls if you'd like to see the pages for yourself.

Another gem by the name of arm7626 set up a Wordpress splog called Just Like Frank Want Think and stole two.

And just in case they've hightailed it out of blodge (that's blog + dodge for all you non-blog speakers) here's a screenshot picture.

Click through to the sorry site if you will. Dust for prints while you're there. Be careful not to trip over the yellow police tape. You've just entered a criminal's blogspace.

To add further insult to injury they ripped off my Valentine post from last year. The nerve. I don't think this blog thief will be getting a candy heart from the Queen of Memes. But they received a little present in their blogmail called a formal complaint of abuse to where the isp is registered.

If they do not delete these blogs within the specified time.....let's just say NOW by Bloggingham's clock....hell hath no fury like a plagiarized Queen.

Pencil Skirt is about to make a full court pounce.

Parlancheq has written an uplifting piece on the sploggers entitled Die Dust Diary, Die at her blog. I just love the title. Don't you? I think she was a little ticked off. There's also helpful information in her comments section about the site from other bloggers and a list of stolen posts. You might want to read through that to see if you've been hijacked.

But back to Meme Mimi Just Blog Peace (what an awful hodgepodge of computer generated mess) "Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time" it reads at the bottom of Lopez's blog. Copyright © 2006 Mike Lopez and then Wordpress template by Mike Lopez.
Note: this afternoon the last four words of that sentence were removed from the bottom of the page! It now just reads "Copyright 2006 Mike Lopez." Is he the template designer? The owner of the blog? Neither? Both? Those who "posts" to blogs (americanmuscle and arm7626 are not always the authors of content) and I don't see anyone else claiming a copyright but Lopez. So, unless he steps up and explains this, one would have to assume he is taking credit for my work. There is a post of my work and a name with a copyright claim to it. Period. That is what my eyes see.....Do you see what I see? In the event the real blog thief stands up and exonerates the others (which isn't likely) or one of these three can convince me he is not responsible for ripping me off, I will publicly apologize, remove the reference and ask Google to do the same. But until then......I'm reporting what I -and many others - have witnessed here.
And I am proceeding with the legal avenues available to me according to federal Internet laws.

I have a kingdom to run, a live to live and worthwhile things to accomplish. I don't have time for this aggravation. And no, I don't want the money you've made hiding behind my intellectual property with your ad scam (yet) nor do I want to see you in court (yet).
I just want my words off the face of your dirty money scam.
And I want you to go away.
Until you do, you will find yourself here on MY page.

What? No comments available at Meme Mimi Just Blog Peace et al?

On other pages, however, the comments are still open. (NOTE: They were last night. Now they are not.) Wonder of wonders! Muscle and Arm and the copyright claimer don't have any! They're about to get some. Will you also leave them a little love note for Valentine's?

It'll be so romantic.
I'll light the candles.

Copyright © 2008 Mimi Lenox
Write abuse @

What others have said in previous comments:Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...
oh my gosh mimi this is awful!!! do you think he is waiting for page rank to do paid posts? there has to be some reason. what a jerk!!!smiles, beexoxooxxoxooxoxox
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nancy said...
YIKES! and how why would he even use your name Mimi? My posts are ho-hum so I won't have this problem. I guess you can call his shenanigans an unwelcome compliment.
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Carver said...
That is so strange. I don't get it at all. You've had too many robbers infringing on you. Of course any are too many but this is adding insult to injury after what happened at your castle. Take care,Carver
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daisy said...
Stealing is wrong, whether it is physical or intellectual property. I think it is especially strange that he has the nerve to indicate that his site is copyrighted. I guess he wouldn't want anyone to steal from him!
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sandee (Comedy +) said...
There is nothing worse than a thief. MIKE LOPEZ or whatever his real name is, is a THIEF!!! What do you want me to do? I went over there but couldn't find any open comments. Big hug Mimi. :)
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Margo Moon said...
Hmmm. Gonna look into this. Might have to find some tricky cowgirl way to make this guy sorry. Don't think Starr Ann would hesitate.
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...
You know what I think you should do. So do it...
Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mimi Lenox said...
Bee - The site is a front that leads directly to another site once you click on any of the ordinary words (taken from my stolen post) in the sidebar.There are ads there.

Nancy - Unwelcome indeed.

Carver - It does feel that way at the moment.

Daisy - There really isn't anything to steal from muscle person, arm person or Lopez person (whomever is responsible). I'd be stealing from myself! Ha!

Sandee - Nope. No open comments. Not a one. Nope. I'm getting a migraine.

Margo - I know the cowgirls won't hesitate. Maybe I should have sent you over first

Bud - Well.....

Parlancheq said....

'Dust for prints' - That was an apropos phrase! Let's see if any of these evil splogs get taken down....


Gary McGath said...

I recommend going straight to a DMCA takedown notice. For all that the DMCA lends itself to abuse, this would be a legitimate use of its provisions. I complained to and, and all they did was make remove the posts which were stolen from me while leaving everything else intact. Hitting them with legal threats is the only thing that will do more than nibble around dustdiary's edges. I've posted some suggestions here.

Also, please DON'T POST LINKS TO DUSTDIARY.COM. You wrote: "Until you do, you will find yourself here on MY page." The crook who runs is saying, "Oh, no, another link to the site I set up! This will increase my Google rank! I'll be able to download more Trojans or get more money for my popup ads? How can I stop this? ... And why should I?"

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you, Mr. McGath. I will correct the link situation in this post. Very helpful information here.

Sanni said...

Oh, how horrible! One thing to do is update your feed-line, including a link to your blog and a line like "Copyright © 2008 Mimi writes. If you are not reading this material in your feed reader, the site you are looking at is guilty of copyright infringement."

- those bl**dy thieves usually rob your content by uploading your whole feed... they need content to get more adds. You can also include a large picture saying "been caught stealing"

Keep your chin up, oh Queen!

Hahn at Home said...

Love that Parlancheq!

Anyway - I've got this guy in Russia aggregating my blog, along with others. Wrote to the host and nada, wrote to the domain host, nada. I don't know exactly what they think they are accomplishing, but it pisses me off anyway.

I'm going to use Guy's advice too.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Very smart Mimi. I am glad you are fighting back.

Anndi said...

Scum... shall I prepare the couldron?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Yes, don't link to this thief because you are giving him what he wants. Links. God I hate thieves and there are so many out there. I'm hoping this gets resolved soon. There is a program that's out there that can spot if someone steals your posts. Empress Bee uses it. Here is the link. That way you can check for your content that may be stolen. Copyscape. :)

Wendy said...

A cyber creep to say the least. I had something similar happen where someone was copying and pasting my posts (including photographs) on Morocco into their spam site. Totally annoying. Of course comments were moderated and never got posted and there was no e-mail contact. They stopped doing it after I attempted to comment (rather strongly)several times.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sanni - I just added that statement. Thank you. Yes, I realize that cyber thieves usually rip off the entire blog. Bitacle is a prime example of that type of piracy. However, in this case, that didn't happen which made it even more weird.

Lori - It is more than aggravating. I'm sorry this is happening to you. Writing to the domain owners doesn't seem to be getting results. I've heard that before.

Cheysuli and Gemini - I'm working on my pencil skirt pounce, doing my homework and keeping my eyes peeled.

Anndi - With very hot water boiling water - the only way to properly clean a scum. That should knock the dust off.....for starters....

Sandee - Thanks for the great tip. I'll use that program for sure. Yes, there are thieves and other irritations about.

Wendy - I'm sorry. It is such a waste of our time to deal with this kind of evil on the internet. I just want to blog in peace and be left alone.

Sanni said...

There´s a new blog bling waiting for you... ♥ - hope you´re feeling better!

Akelamalu said...

How very dare they!!!

katherine. said...


now I HAVE TO catch up

kathleenmaher said...

Sickening. I'm sure all the advice is helpful and knowing you, you won't let them keep doing it to you or anyone else.
But, Mimi, why should you do suffer all this extra keyboard time, claiming this and contacting another? You worked hard, created something meaningful, and people who didn't want to work stole it.
Here's hoping they spend the rest of their lives filing forms, filling out applications, and blowing their own damn whistles.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

OMG - this has been happening all over the place! WTF?!? I'm sorry it's happening to you....

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