Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sunday Blog Chatter: I Told You I Smelled Snow

Well. A little.
Half the population of my minute metropolis hustled to the grocery store yesterday (moi included) for the big storm. This is it. There are ten snowflakes on my hat.

Does that look like a big storm to you?

But I did manage to get a few pics. And it was fun to frolic and roam outside. I haven't visited my woods much since ...well....since you know. And I wore a red coat! I was hard to miss and just asking for trouble.

So, I rolled out the red carpet for Bloggingham's first snowfall, hunkered down in matching gloves and hat like any good pencil skirt worth her mascara would.....and waited.

And waited.
And waited.
I had a story to report.
This is what happened.

I fell down a lot. I dropped things. Lost my balance picking them up. Fell down again.The camera got wet. My behind got soaked. My fingers froze. My scarf got dirty.And I ate all the beanie-weanies in my pocket before lunchtime.

The only nut in the forest was me so the birds flew south.

I'm so glad I was there to film this momentous - and lackluster - occasion.
Can you feel the excitement?
I stayed in this tree until nightfall anticipating the storm of the century, bracing myself for months and months stuck inside the castle with nothing to eat but tainted snowcream, hoping that CBS would call and ask me to cover the crisis - but the big flakes never showed up.

What I won't do for a story.

As you can see, the back of my coat has more snow on it than the ground. Wait! Was that a flake I saw?
I can smell it, I tell ya! I can smell it a mile away.
It's a gift.

Note: After yesterday's serious post, I needed to go out and play!

What posted on Mimi Writes one year ago today? Straight From Bloggingham Palace Dating Comeback Challenge Round 51 is up! You know you wanna play.


BillyWarhol said...

Rock On Mimi!

I thought fer sure U would Roll in da Snow + do a Snow Angel!!


Dig yer Hat - Stylin'*

I'm here to see yer Album cover*


+ yeah it's FREEZING here!! It's too damn Cold to Snow!! have U seen me in LongJohns yet??

Akelamalu said...

No snow here - just interminable rain!

Unknown said...

I once lived next door to a TV meteorologist. Each time he left for the TV station he would say “I’m going to TV to lie to the viewers.”

Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to frolic a little bit, Mimi. It always amazes me how serious they take a little dusting of snow in these parts. Here in Raleigh, all three of the local network television stations were treating this as a major news story. I think we ended up with less than a 1/4" of snow. Can't help but wonder how they'd handle a real news event.

Mimi Lenox said...

Billy - The Band Meme was unbelievable and still going strong. I will check yours out.

Akelamalu - Are you staying warm and snug inside?

Nick - Now that's funny. Not surprised.

Lee - Oh please. That's why they need Mimi Pencil Skirt Ace Reporter on the Story of The Century. I tried to help 'em!

Linda said...

First off - wearing bright red in what was reportedly going to be the Storm of the Century (North Carolina style) was a good idea as you would have been easily spotted when someone needed to pull your previously cavorting carcass from a frozen snowbank. Also, I'm sure that the hunters wouldn't have mistaken you for a deer should they have been out doing some last-minute freezer restocking in your neck of the woods.

Second - why on earth would you climb up in a tree to wait out a storm? I'm just not seeing the logic in that one. Take a tip from a New Englander who has weathered many a storm (and some actually worse than the 10 flakes you got on your hat during this one) - you stay home wrapped in a warm blanket sipping Campbell's tomato soup accompanied by a gooey grilled cheese sandwich while watching old Colin Firth films on the DVD! No "Pride and Prejudice" or "Bridget Jones" on hand? Well then grab any John Cusack film you can find! There is no better way to wait out a storm unless, of course, you were lucky enough to have one of those hunky guys that installed your security light snowed in with you! Then even if the power goes off, who cares??? Dancing in the soft glow of candlelight is a great way to stay warm! At least, that's what I've been told, I unfortunately have no knowledge of that particular method of storm-handling.

Better luck on your next big scoop of the century (considering we just started this century not that long ago you've got plenty of time) - perhaps North Carolina will be in for a major hurricane later this year and you can find another tree to climb up to report that one from (though, again, I would suggest staying inside a better alternative!).

Oh,and if you really, really, really want to see some snow then hop on a plane, come visit me up here in frozen New England, and I'm sure we could find some somewhere even if we had to drive to New Hampshire to find it! But you might need something warmer than your red coat!

Misty DawnS said...

You're the darn cutest reporter I've ever seen ;-) We're supposed to get several inches of snow tomorrow - And I am NOT going to climb a tree to wait for it - just sayin.

Daisy said...

Well, at least you look very fashionable in your cute hat and coordinating coat and gloves!

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - Sigh.I tried. I really did. CBS obviously does not need another ace reporter.

Deer hunters??! Here??!
I hadn't thought of that. I do have a family of deer that actually gather in my front yard at times. Waiting for the photo op. Hunters had better stay away or I might have to get fiesty.

Why did I climb in a tree? Why do I do anything? It was not getting in that was the problem - it was getting out. Wrong boots. And wrong tree.

I'm going to take you up on the visit offer soon. Thanks for asking! Are you sure you're ready to cavort with my pencil skirt? Maybe you should wear a disguise when we go out. Just in case you want to keep your job.

Maybe they'll need me to report a story. It could happen!

Misty Dawn - Why thank you. If you need tree-climbing lessons I'm available. Don't wear heels.

Daisy - So glad you noticed the important things. Just proves once again that you are a cat with unparrelled wisdom and suave.

Can I borrow one of your hats for my next caper? I like the pink one.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimi, you got more snow in one day than we've had in years! They keep teasing us, but no dice!
Love your coat, hat and scarf...very stylish indeed.

Thank you so much for the kind and loving comments about Angel Hope. I'm so touched that Linda shared my blog with you, and that you felt inclined to comment. I'm still finding my way in blogland, but I do believe that honesty and transparency are healing and always the best bet!

Love your blog!

Patti said...

Mimi, when you take Linda up on her offer to visit her in the Nutmeg State, please swing by and see me and Ralph and these wacky cats.

We're here and you and Linda are most welcome!

Jackie said...

Oh Mimi I will agree with you about what lengths you will go to for a great story. and, i am always so glad that you do....because you're so funny. And yes your attire was most attractive. Please don't give up on CBS gave us all a good report.

Oh yes technically I am not here. I am taking the day off. But you tempted me so concerning dunplings? I just had to hop over and check it out.

So mum is the word that I am out:)

Jackie said...

Oh dear, I have come out of my day away from the computer and this daft blond can't find the dumplings.

Oh dear whatever will I do?

Well, I do know this really good reporter that might just be able to track down the dumplings for me.


Mimi Lenox said...

Pinky - I really enjoyed reading your blog. Heartbreaking post and well-written. Take care of yourself. You are welcome here anytime.

Patti - Maybe I can coax the cats into the real world. Are they still hiding under the couch?

Shinade - I'm glad somebody thinks I'm funny. Obviously, the rest of the journalism world does not. The nerve!
And oh, I think you're looking for the "dimples" not the "dumplings"
That post is on my other site as part of the Dating Challenge.
Dimples and Dutch Fishermen

You might want to enter this competition. It's crazy!

Ralph said...

Mimi, I'm glad that you were wearing red instead of your white all the hunters in the woods wouldn't confuse you with a polar bear.

Tough weather you have in the Tar Heel State...

Travis Cody said...


Hopefully you won't get too much ice to follow that little dusting.

Carver said...

I love your snow report and you look great in your red coat and hat. It is funny how we both did the: it sort of snowed post. Didn't turn out to be much of it but it's still fun to chase those few flakes. I love the way you write. Such fun to read.

Anndi said...

You didn't bring a thermos of French Vanilla Café? Oh Mimi...

We got snow yesterday and I stayed in... nice and warm and cozy but forgot the Colin Firth and John Cusack... darn! But not the French Vanilla!

Sandee said...

Well, can't you complain to someone? I just think it's unfair to be teased like that and then nothing. Sounds like a few of my dates over the years. Have a great day. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Ralph - There are polar bears in the south??!
I never knew.

Travis - There will be ice in the morning I'm afriad. Nothing has melted at all.

Thanks, Carver - I saw your post! Hey! Ralph says there are polar bears in the south. Did you know that? Who knew??!

Anndi - The french vanilla is bought FIRST thing every payday. A month's supply. And then the bills......first things first.

Sandee - LOL. I know the feeling. Maybe I should complain to God.
Or the polar bears.

Anonymous said...


I sure wish we'd get at least a little bit of snow.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Your weather & snow look so fun! I am in a 10 below zero ice box - issh. You need a space suit to be outside very long :)

Really holding on to your hat ... it must have blown away sometime in the past!! You always have great photos (much better than my 25k cell phone)

Little Wing said...

Mimi your writing is such a gift!
Love the red coat!

Margo Moon said...

So, those are beanie-weanies in your pocket? Heh.

Akelamalu said...

I would be if I didn't have to go to work Mimi! :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Wow. Did the plows come out? Was there school? Who invented liquid soap and why?

Annelisa said...

MMmmmmmm, snow, lovely...

Even just a little would be nice. As Akemalu says, it's all drizzly rain over here - miserable! It hasn't let up for an age... I can't remember such a wet year (oh, except the year the local road washed away, and we had to drive miles to go up the road!)

Ever seen Schindler's List? The girl in the red coat?
You look oh so chic in yours though! Reporter extraordinaire on the case :-)

Don't know if you ever got that list of blogs I sent you...?

(((hugs))) and love to ya from across the pond!


Mimi Lenox said...

Tish - I'll gladly send you some if you wish. Ice on the way here tomorrow morning again.

Speedcat - Thanks. I needed a space suit. Yes, the hat was about to blow away.

Little Wing - Thanks. Do you have a blog? I can't find it. But glad you are here to comment nevertheless!

Margo - Yes. I ate them all. Yuk.

Akelamalu - Sorry about the work. Just think 12 inches of snow and voila maybe it will appear and then no school (!) and no work.

Bud - No plows. No school. No liquid soap. Just a lot of fuss for nothing.

Annelisa!! - I've missed you. Where have you been? I've left messages and comments and no word from my friend from across the pond. Hugs to you.
Please resend the list if you don't mind. I got several and I'm not sure which one you mean.
I hope you're posting again. Be there soon.

Deana said...

Wearing red in the make good stories great by those cool little extras you do! I love your pics and I am so happy you got some white stuff too! I was hoping for more but, oh well. We can't have everything.

Deana said...

PS- I am so glad you weren't hurt in your near accident!

Julie said...

Mimi! You are just too charming...a true lady by every sense of the word! Your captivating pictures have the capability to tease big time!

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