Saturday, November 3, 2007

You Are Cordially Invited To.......

BYOG (Bring your own globe)
Just click the icon above to be taken to the chat room.
Type in your name and click "Join chat"
It's that simple!

Where: Bloggingham Palace at Mimi Writes
Who: Everybody!
Why: Last minute BlogBlast For Peace questions
Socialize with other peace bloggers
Say hello!
It's fun!
When: Sunday evening 4 pm - midnight EST
Hosted by: Mimi Pencil Skirt aka Mimi Queen of Memes
Click here to get your peace globe


Anonymous said...

Woooo Hoo! I'll be at the party with my peace globe on!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the party C:( I had the lava lamps all unpacked from the basement and everything. Unfortunately, I had the make the choice between playing with (aka. watching) my niece and nephew or going to your party. You lost out...this time. C:)

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