Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sunday Blog Chatter: The Tip of The Proverbial Iceberg

UPDATE: The next BlogBlast For Peace launch is November 4, 2014. Click the logo below to get your peace globe. Don't miss it!
This is what happened on November 5, 2009
The Peace Globe Gallery

My Google Reader is full of blogs I haven't read, the laundry is piling up, the dog hasn't been fed (I don't have a dog) and my dreams have been well.....ultra strange. I would say art is imitating life at this point, except that I don't have a life. Unless you count the dreams. Does dream life count? While I'm snoozin' -which isn't often - the suds spin happily in the washer playing tag with my shoestrings and I'm dancing cheek-to-proverbially-tight-cheek with a tall, dark handsome guitar player in a three-piece suit. Last night, he kissed me.
It was nice. I let him kiss me again. And again. All was going well in my scandalous dream - until I started to count the kisses. Out loud.
Smack. One. Smack. Two. Tender smack. Three. Yummy smack. Four. Sweet smack smack. Five six....He stopped. Imagine that. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Well," he muttered in Italian poetry fit for a Queen, "Could we just skip all this counting and slide on in to 2nd base? I'd like to get to third before you need a calculator."
Smack! One. Right across the face.
And then I woke up.

Let's rewind shall we? Miss Lenox, would you re-read the first paragraph please?

I don't have a dog. And I don't have a life. Yep. That pretty much sums it up.
Oh. I forgot. I have an imaginary boyfriend in my dreams.
Nope. You don't have a boyfriend either.
Now that's just sad.

The truth is, I don't have time for romance, happy laundry, or well-tuned and impatient men. Some really exciting things are happening with this project behind the scenes. Details in due time, my friends. I've literally been counting and categorizing peace globes for two days; uploading new globes, tracking down back links, googling words on globes that folks sent with NO NAME or url and counting. One hundred. Two hundred.....Making a huge list and checking it twice. I'd better see Romeos - real and imagined - when this is over. For now I'll leave you with the ciphering I've done thus far. See the tip of the iceberg below. I'm less than halfway finished. If you don't see your blog yet you should by the end of the day. That's my goal.
You can count on it.

Peace Bloggers List
Each participating blog is listed once. A comprehensive list of ALL POSTS within that one blog on this subject can be found here. If you were an original peace blogger from November 7, 2006 then that post is most likely linked here. Your June, 2007 post and anything else you wrote about the subject can be found on my other site "Dona Nobis Pacem: The Peace Globe Posts" which I greatly prefer as a representation of your work. When I say this is the tip of the iceberg that's what I mean! There is so much more to be read. Today's post is an attempt to get a straightforward list of blogs and websites with locations from the past. I've already received 48 new globes and sites for November 7, 2007 and many more I know are in the works, and with still three weeks to go this is excellent! It's going to be a blast! I can't wait!
(Maybe I should take vacation that week?)
42 by CableGirl
A Blog For Emma ~ Virginia
A Little Piece of Me ~ Cheshire, United Kingdom
A Stitch In Time ~ London, England
A Voice To Be Heard ~ United States

Airhead 55 ~ Ralph ~ Connecticut ~
And As The World Turns ~ Lexington, Kentucky ~ G ~ G ~ G
Angeldust ~ White Rock, British Columbia Canada
Angell'z Secretz ~ Toronto, Canada
Anita Havel ~ Alabama
AnitoKid Chronikos ~ Philippines

Another Tangential Thinker ~ Appalachia, USA

Anyhow Blogs ~ Singapore
Aquarius ~ A Pity I'm An Aquarius ~ New York
Are We There Yet? ~ Connecticut
Artemis ~ The Thoughts of Artemis ~ Midwest USA

Artsty Catsy ~ Indiana
Ashley Rae
Asta's World ~ New York City

Bad Girl Gone Worse (Sanni's Evil Blogger Twin) ~ Germany
Bad Jokes and Oven Chips ~ Glasgow, Scotland
Bassett Knitter Illinois
Bazza and Lonesome ~ Normal Life ~ United Kingdom
Becca ~ Becca's Byline ~ Michigan
Betty ~ Life In The Fortress ~Michigan
Birchsprite ~ England
Bittersweet Coffee ~Philippines
BlogBlast For Peace ~ Mimi Lenox ~ United States
Blog That Mommy ~ Kansas City
Bobbarama ~ San Diego, California
Bobby Griffin ~ Bestest Blog of All Time ~ New Jersey
Boho Rhap ~ Pacific Northwest
Book-A-Rama ~ The Maritimes, Canada
Brad ~ Southern Expressions ~ Memphis, Tennessee
Brenda ~ The Passing Stranger ~ Northern Alberta, Canada
Brothers Wishlist ~ South Africa
Bud ~ Peace Globe Warming ~ New England
Capt. Caveman ~ Nova Scotia
Caspermom ~ Red Bluff, Northern California
Cathy's Rants and Ramblings ~ United States
Cats, Goats and Quotes ~ Bobbie and Bunch ~Conyers, Georgia ~
Chana's Go Forth And... ~ Alberta, Canada
Charlie! ~ Oregon
Chey's Place
China Cat's Blog ~ St. Louis, MO
Christine of Epiphany ~ Cincinnati, Ohio
Coffee2Go ~ Germany
Comedy Plus ~ California
Countries and Cities ~ Waterloo, Belgium
Cozy Reader ~ North Georgia
Curryegg ~ MalaysiaCyclone Cats ~ IowaDK & F's Secret Paws ~San Franciso, California
Daisy The Curly Cat ~ Parkland, Florida
Darling Millie ~New Hampshire
Delta Bunny ~ California
Derby, The Sassy Cat ~ Wisconsin
rek ~ Blogacide ~ Cleveland, Ohio
Diana ~ All Things True To Me ~ Joisy, USA

Diary of A Heretic ~ New York
Diva Kitty and The Fluffies ~ San Francisco, California
Dog's Eye View ~ Kansas
Dona Nobis Pacem: The Peace Globe Posts ~ Mimi Lenox ~ United States
Dr. John's Fortress ~ Crystal Falls, Michigan
Dragonheart's Domain ~ Munich, Germany
Drawing On Words ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Diurnata ~ United Kingdom
Duward Discussion ~ Tacoma, Washington
Echoes of Grace ~ Bakersfield, California

Elaine aka India The Hippie Chick ~ South By West ~ New Mexico
Electronic Village ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

Elspeth ~ Now Is Wow ~ Trinidad Tobago
Empress Bee of the High Sea ~Muffin53 ~ Florida and Georgia

Everything And Then Some ~ Quezon City, Philippines
Epiphany Sanctuary ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

Faith ~ City Lights ~ New York CityFlatwater Tech
Filip ~ Friends.BG ~ Bulgaria
Finding Life Hard? ~ Wales, United Kingdom
Fingerprints On My Walls ~ Roanoke, Virginia
Flip This Body ~ Chicago, Illinois
Forest Dogs ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom
Frum Jeter Harris ~ New York
Foxxfyrre's Black and White Art Blog ~ Grand Prairie Alberta, Canada
Gabrielle ~ Indonesia
Gemini and Georgia ~ Gemini's Adventures
Gale Martin ~ Gemosophy ~ Pennsylvania ~
iggles ~ Happy Tiler ~ British Columbia Ginafish
Gloria ~ Taiwan Republic of China
Grandma Cat Robyn (House of the Mostly Black Cats)
Here Comes A Storm....In Form Of A Girl ~ OregonHeroines and Heroes ~ East Sussex, United KingdomHolly's Corner Blog ~ United States
Homer Glen ~ Will County, IllinoisHonjii's Harangues
How To Link and Other Stuff ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom
Hunna's Happenings ~ Kansas City
I Was Born2Cree8 ~ British Columbia, CanadaIamnasra ~ A Window Within Myself ~ Oman
Ian Healy~ EDOG'S Everything Page ~ Denver, Colorado
Icon Baxter Bentley ~ Pennsylvania
IKOT aka Foxy Stone~ Lone Wolf In the Highlands ~ Pennsylvania
In Cinq ~ Massachusetts Infinitely Crazy ~ New Delhi, India
Irene Tuazon ~ Pregnant Pauses ~ Philippines
Israeli Mom ~ Pardes Hana, Israel
It's All Good ~ Pennsylvania
Jack Leyhane ~ For What It's Worth ~ Chicago, Illinois
Jack of All Shades and Shadows ~ Northern Alberta, Canada
Janna (Jannaverse) One More Raindrop in a Bloggy Ocean
Jason ~ Xenogere
Jeter Harris ~ New York
Juniorbabee ~ Salt Lake City, Utah
Kamsin ~ Fearfully Made ~ Sarajevo
Kattonic Cats ~ Wisconsin ~ G
Kat's Cat of the Day ~ Emma's Kats ~ Virginia
Kat's My Space Peace Globe ~ Virginia Beach, Virginia
Kat's Random Thoughts
Kaze the Cat ~ New Jersey
Kazoku Neko ~ South Carolina ~ G
Kellyology ~ Oklahoma
Kitty Limericks ~ New MexicoKiyotoe The Dragon:050376 ~Atlanta, New Jersey
Kris ~ Casting-On ~ Peace. Unity. Be.
Kyels ~ Laments of a Brokenhearted Silhouette ~
Late Bloomer Boomer ~ Patti ~ Connecticut
Latte The Meezer ~ New Jersey
Laura ~The Bronzed Shoe Archives ~ Notre Dame, Indiana
Laura ~ Fungi Thinking ~ Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Levi - King of Ramble - United Kingdom
Lexa Rosean~ Sejant Before the Muse ~NYC
Libby Marie Riley The Cat ~ Wellstone, Ohio
Lily's Pad ~ Portales, New Mexico

Lifecruiser ~ Sweden
Luxor - A White Cat ~M. Shahin ~ Gently Into the Night ~
Madd ~ Maddspace Madisms
Mao's Mews ~ Castro Valley, California
Maremagnum ~ Spain
Matt The Marine ~ Dixie's Heart and Soul ~ Tennessee ~ Parris Island, SC
Mattingly and Harley ~ New York City
Matt-Man ~ Bagwine Ruminations ~ Ohio Mattingly and Harlie ~ New York City
Me, My Life, My Garden ~ Suffolk, United Kingdom
MeeAugraphie ~ Tumbled Words ~ Pacific Northwest
Meezer Tails ~ ~ Rochester, NY
Meloncutter Musings ~ United States
Midlife Virgin ~ Diary of a Midlife Crisis ~ Los Angeles, CA
Milk and Two Sugars ~ Tea At Ten ~ Australia
Million Dollar Project ~ South Africa
Mimi Writes ~ United States
MississippiZen ~ Mississippi
Missouri Meowers ~ Missouri
Missy, KC and Bear ~ Texas
Moonroot ~ Wales, United Kingdom
Mother of Invention ~ Spilling Out! ~ Ontario, Canada
Mousey ~ Does anybody know who this is?
Mr. Zenith Says ~ Alabama ~ G
Mu shue Poo King Cat ~ United States
Muffin 53 ~ Georgia & Florida
My Little Corner ~ South Africa
Mysterious Musings: Julia Buckley ~ Chicago, Illinois
Natalee ~ Just Gotta Hang On ~ Oklahoma
Necessary Skills ~ North York, Canada~
Nessa ~ The Chysalis Stage ~New Jersey
O So Mo Love ~ Montgomery, Alabama
Obsidian Kitten ~ Perry, Michigan
Odat's Mumblings ~ New York, New York
One Red Thread Journey ~ Petal, Mississippi
One Reader At a Time ~ Spokane, Washington
Opinion Minions~ Cape Town, South Africa
Our Life by Eric and Flynn ~ Devon, Great Britain
Pablog ~ Tasmania, Australia
Parlancheq ~ Massachusetts
Peanut, Peanut Butter....Jelly2! ~Peanutville, Michigan
Pearls Wisdom ~ Illinois
Peggy, As she Is....~ Peggy's Musings ~New England
Perfectly Parker ~ South Carolina
Picture Clusters ~ Quezon City, Philippines
Pimp-Your-Blog ~ Germany
Pjocall ~ Minnesota
Poetry from Words That Flow ~ East Sussex United Kingdom
Polliwog's Pond ~St. Juan's Island ~ Washington state
Portfolio Reeholio ~ New Zealand
Princess Shin ~Cherry, Plum, Peach and Damson blossoms ~ Selangor Malaysia
Prometheus ~ The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes ~ India
PT-LawMom ~ Washington DC
Pumpkin's World
Queenie's Random Ramblings ~ Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Quilldancer ~ A Day In the Life ~ United States
Reba's Run! ~ British Columbia
Reason Enough ~ New Jersey
Rock and Star ~ Maryland
Rocky the Gutter Cat ~ San Francisco, California
Rose DesRochers ~World Outside My Window
Ruth Speaks Up ~ Dayton, Ohio
Sadie, Sadie,Married Lady ~ Memphis, Tennessee
Sammawow ~ Missouri
Sapot-Litrato ~ Philippines
Sarge Charlie ~ Georgia and Florida
Savvyology ~ British Colmbia, Canada
Scanjolina ~ TexasScrappin' ~ Albany, Oregon
Screw Perfection ~ New Jersey
Scrungy's Creator ~ Oregon
Secret Sara ~ Twenty-Three and Counting ~ Minnesota
SGT DUB ~ Afghanistan and Oklahoma
Shadow Saluki ~ California
Simone's Butterfly ~ Cape Town, South Africa
Skeezix's Scratching Post ~ Castro Valley, CA
Solitary Views ~ Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada
South By West ~ New MexicoSparky's Blog ~ East Sussex, United KingdomSparky Duck~ Philly Transplant ~ Philadephia, PA
Spooker the Cat ~ Purrchance to Dream ~Michigan
Star ~ The Friendliest Flower ~United States
Stirnenwirbel ~ Kassel, Hessen, Germany
Stochastic Ruminations~ Southern United States ~ G
Studio Susie Says....~ Petaluma, California
Sultana Fling ~Annelisa ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom
Susan ~ My Space ~ Los Angeles
Tammy ~ Kentucky Gal ~ Ohio
Tara, Princess Meezer ~ Modesto, California
Tea Time Ramblings ~ Canada
Tennessee Text Wrestling ~ Tennessee
That Frolicsome Kid ~ Soliloquies Exposed
The Audball ~ Hardly Subtle ~ A non-political election day post ~ US
The Ballicus Blog ~ Tennessee
The Big Book of You ~ CaliforniaThe Big Leather Couch ~ Memphis, Tenneessee
The Birds and The Beads ~ Sydney, Australia
The Cat Realm ~ Tucson, Arizona
The Cats Stephens ~ Abby, Percy, Eliot & Emily ~ South Carolina
The Famous Five ~ Wellington, New Zealand
The Fuzz Factor ~ Seattle, Washington
The Ice Box ~ Desert Southwest
The Love Blog ~ Van Couver, British Columbia, Canada
The Many Adventures of Wonder Ruby ~ Fair Oaks, California
The Ordinary Mystic ~ California

The Rat's Nest ~ Feline Frisky ~ Central Florida
The Random Blog ~ Tina ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom
The Rocky Mountain Retreat ~ British Columbia, Canada
The Screaming Pages ~ Edmonton Alberta, Canada
The Secret Backup Blog ~ Terra Shield ~ Malaysia
The Unity Project ~ Van Couver, British Columbia, CanadaThe View From Here ~ Washington DC
The Wired Kayaker ~ G
The Witch Doctor Is In ~ Lexa Rosean ~Magick for Peace ~ New York
The Zoo ~ Nashville, Tennessee
This And That Diary ~ West Virginia
Tisha ~ Crazy Working Mom ~
Tripper The Psyko Stray Cat ~ Castro Valley, California
Tuxedo Gang Hideout ~ Munich, Germany ~ G
Twyla ~ Lost in the Battle ~Nova Scotia, CA
US Danes Meme Page ~ United Kingdom ~ G
Unplug Your Kids ~ ArizonaVenters2 ~ Rhode Island
Vinnie G ~ Bitter Cup of Joe
William The Old Fart ~Calgary, Alberta Canada ~ G
WMD William of Mass Destruction ~ Albuquerque, New Mexico ~ G
Wolfbaby ~ Dreaming and Believing
Words That Flow ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom
Writer Cramps ~ Waterloo, Belgium
YTSL ~ Webs of Significance ~ Penang, Malaysia
Yaxlich ~ The World of Yaxlich ~ England
Still ADDing as of 10/23/07......


Akelamalu said...

What a mammoth but so worthwhile task you have set yourself Mimi - I so admire you. x

katherine. said...

ah...I don't even have one in my dreams....

the Peace Globe is a noble cause...the laundry will wait...

Joseph said...

holy crapola... that is a lot of blog peace globes.


back to the dream thing. I think that dream life does count as having a life, otherwise, I might technically still be a virgin....

Bond said...

Hell of a job there Mim's...can't wait for the big announcements!

crazy working mom said...

That's all?!


I'm so excited. I can't wait, Mimi!!!

Mimi Lenox said...

Tish ~ No, that is not all! Still cutting and pasting.
Bond - Yes, some exciting things are happening!
Akelamalu - It is mammoth but rewarding.
Katherine - The laundry is still waiting...
Joseph - Ha! Hope you will join the peace train.

Odat said...

Hey...after doing all this..I'm betting you'll get some real live kisses!!!! You're the best!

bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

hello mimi! this is bluepanjeet of "On The Wings Of My Dream"... Ijust want to correctthat i'mnot from malaysia. I'm from the Philippines. I'm 100% Filipino!

many thanks and God Bless!

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