Sunday, August 19, 2007

Monday Mimisms with Mimi Queen of Memes ~ I've Always Wanted To Be a Nimble

Lady Fortune the Absurd of Greater Internetshire has a nifty site that gives you a proper British aristocratic royal title with the click of a mouse. Everybody needs one of those. I'm getting all my relatives one for Christmas. Shopping done! Of course there's the tagging of Ev Travis Bond Mo since this is technically a meme. But I soon found out that it wasn't so benign after all. Apparently, there's a spy in the Castle.

I simply entered "Mimi" "Female" and I was dubbed.........

Countess Mimi the Prickly of Bismorton Shropcake
I hate shropcake so I did it again.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Milady the Right Reverend Mimi the Saturnine of Featherstonehaugh St Fanshaw

Hmm.....Not a Meme Queen in sight. Fraudulent! Fraudulent!
So I entered "Mimi" as a male. That should do it.

His Excellency Mimi the Crepuscular of Throcking by Hampton

Hampton? Who the hay is Hampton? I do not remember that throcking and I certainly wasn't wearing my crepuscular.
Then "pencilskirt"

Viscountess Mimi Pencil Skirt the Deipnosophist of Fiddlehope in the Marsh

That's better...I think. I've always wanted to go fiddlehoping in the marsh. What the heck is a deipnosophist? I decided to look it up. Bad idea.
Do I dare? Entering....."Pencil skirt as a male"

His Eminence the Very Lord Pencil Skirt the Incontrovertible of Studley Roger

Now you're talking, Lady. There was something eminent about Roger, I do remember that part......but he never drove a convertible. And I think I would have noticed had my Lord been wearing a studly pencil skirt. Wrong again!

Milord Earl Pencil Skirt the Smoked of Piddletrenthide Under Booth

Well piddle my hide! How did you know about Earl under the booth? He so deserved the smoking.

His Excellency Pencil Skirt the Tremulous of Kirkby Overblow

Do you really think I'd comment on this?

Countess Mimi Pencil Skirt the Convincing of Goosnargh on the Carpet

For your information Lady Fortune, I did not force him. It was quite simple to convince Goosnargh to the carpet. You're that nosy neighbor that keeps peeking through the blinds, aren't ya....You're gonna ruin my reputation. I've had enough of this.

Entering.... "Mimi Queen of Memes"

Milady the Most Honourable Mimi Queen Of Memes the Kind of London by the Bow

Finally! Some respect.
I rest my case. Or I should have.

I could have gotten out of this embarrassing mess while the gettin' was good.

But, of course, I didn't.

Just out of curiosity, what would a MALE Queen of Memes be?

Very Lord Queen Of Memes the Educated of Dramble Buzzcock

I'm soooo sorry I asked.

Bloggingham is in shambles today, my friends. Interrogation proceedings have just begun to sniff out the snitch. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Not one to be daunted (or throcked I'll have you know...ahem...) I pressed on once more and invoked the last magic British aristocratic title. Here it is.

Her Exalted Highness Duchess Mimi Lenox the Nimble of Deepest Throcking Fiddlehope in the Marsh

I'll take it.
Now I've got to talk to those servants about drawing the blinds at night.

Elated and understandably tired of playing All The Queen's Men, I decided to try my luck at Miss Fortune's fortune cookie. I typed in my name and my birthday with a squeal of satisfied glee. My Fortune Cookie told me.....

Those shoes were a mistake.

Oh shut up.


Travis said...


My dear Ann of Anndi's Luggage got this title for me...His Eminence the Very Lord Travis the Tenuous of Midhoop St Giggleswich.

That certainly fits my reputation as Sultan of Silly.

But, being a loyal subject of your Royal Majesty - and being afraid of dark dank dungeons - I have performed the task myself.

I join your court as Duke Travis the Lachrymose of Bampton Underhoop.

I remain your humble servant.

Travis said...

I posted my title and fortune cookie.

One Wacky Mom said...

Oh now this is hilarious! I can hardly wait to do this. This actually sound like alot of fun Her exalted highness Duchess! LOL...I love this kind of funnnnnnnn! OM gosh I can hardly wait to see what they call me. Goofball schmolowwodlodtodo! What do you want to be that's my name?

Akelamalu said...

That was fun, trust you to keep trying - I only had one go!!!

One Wacky Mom said...

I am Her Royal Highness Ev the Contrite of Westley Waterless or you call me Countess Ev Marie the capricious of Fiddlers Green, or you could call me Her Royal Highness Ev Marie the Disheleveled of Frome Valley!!

One Wacky Mom said...

New name...Empress Ev of Porton Down. I like that one. I'm keeping that baby!

Bond said...

you've been tagged

Akelamalu said...

PS I've posted my title on my sidebar and I've also done your LAYER MEME today. :)

Queenie said...

Mimi, this was just what I needed, were do you find them!!!!!!

Bond said...

As with Travis... Anndi had bestowed the following title:

Lord Vince the Carnivorous of Gallop Hophill

then i did it and it came up:

Bishop Lord Vince the Portable of Great Leering

So I leer and eat...and also like travis, to avoid the dungeon, I wet back just for you and put in my 'proper' name and this came up:

Earl Vincent the Philomath of Greater Sodbury

But I didn't like it, so i did it again...

His Most Noble Lord Vince the Verdant of Londinium-le-Thames

And that sounds regal enough so i stopped there!

i also did my fortune cookie and will let the world see it on the morrow (sounded regal too)

Nancy Standlee said...

I found you from the "bestest blog" feed and I agree..great blog. Regards,

captain lifecruiser said...

Try to wander in my shoes for a while then.... Ouch....

You won't believe the title I came up with... OK, I have my own style... sort of... *giggles*

Or as I said to Ev Nucci: You can call me the royal HOGness... *giggles*

This is demanding some expensive year of Dom Perignon, don't you think?


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