Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Mimisms with Mimi Queen of Memes

I've been tagged (long ago) by two bloggers patiently waiting for an answer to their memes. Six Questions from Patti, The Late Bloomer Boomer is an interview meme and My Favorite Things tag by Empress Bee. Patti is new in the blogosphere and couldn't quite understand what I'm all about. Join the club, Patti! You'll fit right in here.

These are Patti's questions. I've tried to answer them with as much evasion as possible.
1. I'm new around here ~ Why do you call it a pencil skirt?

Because Patti, my dear, it IS a pencil skirt. Anytime a woman wears a form-fitting flattering feminine skirt of any length, there is magic. And don't forget the heels. But about that pencil? I'm a writer. I wear a pencil. I carry a pencil. (Note: There really is such a thing as a pencil skirt which gained popularity around 1913 and was coined a Hobble Skirt. Whew! I'm glad that went out of style before Mimi Pencil Skirt came hobbling along. Here's a photo of a modern day pencil skirt outfit.
Don't ya love it? Note: It's not a true pencil skirt if you can walk unhindered - which adds a cute little twist to, you know.
Pencil skirts are form-fitting flattering feminine skirts tapered at the bottom to limit motion and ease of stride. They can be short. They can be long. They can be mid-length. But they are always sexy and soft. I like wearing them. All hail the power of the pencil skirt.

2. If you are the Queen of Memes, who is the king?
There is really only one true answer to this question and I'd better get it right. Once upon a time, I was dubbed Mimi Queen of Memes by Yaxlich in England; a man who was obsessed with Pantaid (don't ask) and thought I was obsessed with memes. And since he lived in England and sort of knew the real Queen, he decided to give me the American title. I wore the crown with bloggity glee for a very long time. Then my prince came along. But alas, he cannot be the King of Memes because he hates memes. He'd rather eat asparagus than be tagged with a meme. So I call him my Prince, King of the Castle, Ruler of the Gods and anything else that strikes my fancy. Just not King of Memes. Hence, sadly, there is no King of Memes. (But I'd rather have my Prince than a real King any ole' day.)

3. If you could go anywhere in the world with Bud, money no object, where would it be?
Italy and France for a very long vacation.

4. In the world of jelly beans, are you a traditionalist, choosing only between sweet and very sweet, or are you an edgy, modernist sort, who has to pick between pina colada and, say, strawberry cheesecake-flavored ones?
Definitely non-traditionalist in my opinions and beliefs. And I hate jelly beans.

5. How many hours a day/week do you spend blogging?
It is 1:00 am. I am still blogging. I have been blogging since before dinner.This is not good. My skirt has been glued to this chair so long it's indented. And I don't mean the chair.

6. Sometimes I can't tell if you're kidding or not. Are you?
Are you kidding?!

Empress Bee tags Queen Mimi for the Favorite Things Meme. I like this meme because it asks specific favorites and you don't have to prioritize them yourself. Check out Bee's meme for an example of a really good one. She melded Melon's and Gran's together to make a meme pie. Recipe below. Here goes My Favorite Things meme as dictated by the Empress.

Some Of My Favorite Things:
Time of Day - Sunrise as painted by Annelisa's magic camera in England. This was the dawn of Dona Nobis Pacem in the Blogosphere November 7, 2006

(Of course I had to slip in a Peace Globes plug.....surprise, surprise.)

Day of the Week - Friday. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more The beginning of an awesome weekend and lots of time to play. I personally think America should go to a mandatory four-day work week.

Season - Autumn I love trees.

Favorite Holiday - Thanksgiving

Beaches - Those discovered and yet undiscovered. Sand between my toes.

Flower - Wild Red Rose from Bloggingham Palace shot two weeks ago. And the white peony above was from great-grandmother's garden transplanted to mine.

Song - Impossible for a music major to answer so I'll share this - My favorite song of the moment is the one I heard in my dream the other night. Occasionally I've had vivid aural dreams where I'm improvisationally composing and performing a song. It flows effortlessly note to note. Only once in my life did I have the nocturnal lucidity to actually wake up and write it down. I didn't do that last week. I wish I had.

Talk show - The Mo Show
- I haven't even heard it and I already like it.

Movie -

...with Ellen Burstyn and Alan Alda, a 1978 film I recently watched for the first time with someone special. We made it through the first fifteen minutes. That's what makes it my favorite (grin). Did I SAY that?!

Soaps - Now I know we're talking As The Butter Churns Here folks, but I'd rather talk herbal. I'm hopelessly addicted to Green Tea, especially that deliciously creamy Elizabeth Arden Green Tea collection

I'm a Green Tea girl

Beverage - What else?.

Now if I could just find some green tea bubble bath and candles.....

Fruits -

and YUM ......
I think I'll make this for our July 4th party.
Or not.


Cheesecake and


Food - There's food besides cheesecake and cheetos?
Restaurant- Apricots - Great memories of Mr. Satchmo

It's a Wonderful World.........
I choose Patti The Late Bloomer Boomer, Savvyology, Missy, KC & Bear and Lara Croft.

Thanks for the tag, Bee! It was fun.


Turnbaby said...

We have so many things alike--beaches, roses, peonies, trees, fall....

Cool post


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

ha ha, mimi i completely forgot about this! thanks for playing honey! great answers...

smiles, bee

Patti said...

Mimi, loved your answers to mine as well.

as for my favorite things, I dunno. I will try to do that...

Akelamalu said...

Loved all your answers to both!

Savvyology said...

I love autumn too. I live for sweater weather.

Thanks for the tag. Does this mean you get to interview me? If so, ask away. If not you'll need to point me in the right direction. I'm still a bit of a meme clutz.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Very intresting information Mimi and WELCOME to Patti. :)

azgoddess said...

nice post!!! i like getting to know you better!

Queenie said...

Great answers, you really ROCK!
I'm having some problems here with my computer, so if you don't hear from me for a few days I'm still about somewhere>

Bond said...

Stands and applauds.... nicely done my Queen

Lara Croft said...

Wonderful list! I'm getting ready to go out of town but I will work on this and post soon!!! Thank you - LC

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