Tuesday, June 5, 2007

East Sussex reporting ~ On the Groovy Globe Hunt

Julia's birthday is June 6 ~ shown her with best friend for life Annelisa.
What a pair! Happy birthday and best wishes.

Annelisa from Words That Flow in Great Britain has been hot on the trail of peace globes for two days. Instead of leaving a quick comment on each one she visits, she's written a short description of her findings. She even had time to do a special birthday post for her friend, Julia, and write a spectacular poem found HERE called Peace For Children In Our Time. Many thanks to her and others around the world contributing to the hunt. These are her latest scoops on the groovy trail.
Updated! These just added...

N=1 (of unknown) posts a Globe with a video of RUGC european tour "dona nobis pacem" (yes, you can actually hear Dona Nobis Pacem sung!!) and the message "Pass it on. Your life depends on it" at Universal Health

Lynn (of the Phillipines) posts her Globe along with a very moving tale (a story well worth reading!) titled 'A Tale for all Seasons' by Kurt Kauter at Everything and then some...

Morgen (of Michigan, USA) - well, you all know Morgan, don't you? His Blog is on a week-long Blogblast for Peace at It's a Blog Eat Blog World:

Wednesday 6th June - His Wordless Peace post for Dona Nobis Pacem
Tuesday 5th June - He called for Peace Bloggers of the missing States, adding his poll to find out how many of his visitors are participating (97% when I put in my 2cents worth)
Monday (of all days! :-) ) 4th June -
He posted a Manic Monday for Peace
Sunday 3rd June -
Called for Peace participants and brings his hero, Rosie O'Donnell,'s peace efforts to our attention
Saturday 2nd June - Called for those missing State's Peace Bloggers
Friday 1st June - Posts a definition of peace on his call for Manic Monday's theme to be Peace

Anndi (of Montreal, Quebec, Canada) posts her Globe and, after her 'poopooing' (own words) of disengenuous words spoken at beauty pageants, adds Hugs, smooches and gropes (they go a LONG way to achieving peace ya know...) at Anndi's Luggage

William, The Old Fart (of Calgary, Alberta, Canada) posts his Globe, and wishes for everyone to " take a minute and reflect on What a wonderful World this would be if only we all could think Peace" at Welcome To The Old Fart's Blog

Chesca, Exskindiver (of Phillipines) posts her Globe and a moving poem of Peace by Peggy Silva Stevenson at Skindiving

Caylynn (currently of Munich, Germany) posts her Globe at Caylynn's Comtemplations

Read Ruby Bleu (of Boston, USA) posts a Globe and says "What is peace in the World??? Where every person and every doggie can feel safe and be loved as much as I am loved by my Mom."
at The Many Adventures of Wonder Ruby

That Frolicsome Kid (of Malaysia) - who would believe this amazing post is written by a sixteen year old when English is not his first language? At Soliloquies Exposed, he calls for peace: a stop to terrorism; a look at our similarities, not differences in the mirror (Take in look in your mirror. What do you see? Now grab a random person and look at his/her reflection in the mirror. Tell me what you see and explain the major similarity you both share.); the enviroment and back to peace again...

Terra Shield
(of Malaysia) observes peace by singing WE WANT PEACE to the tune of WE WANT FUN by Andrew W.K at The Secret Backup Blog

Elaine (of New Mexico, US) shares a poem by Mary Oliver, Five A.M. in the Pinewoods, which helps her to feel peace at South by West

Lance (of Alberta, Canada) posts his Globe at Solitary Views.

Lizza (of ParaƱaque : Metro Manila : Philippines) at I am Woman, See Me Blog! writes an encouraging post about Blogblast for Peace, holding up as an impeccable example Nursemyra to us all how someone can spread peace just by being them. In Lizza's words "This woman is one impeccable example of how, through giving, we in turn receive more than we could ever expect to sometimes."

RennyBA (of Norway), whose motto at RennyBA's Terella is Make Blogs not Wars, says of blogging:

"Knowledge reduces skepticism and opens your eyes to others perspectives. It makes the world smaller and reminds us of that we are living on the same planet. "

"Blogging connecting people as it’s an opportunity to share about our daily life, getting to know each other"

JMR (of unknown) has posted his globe and the words of the bible: ”Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”saying
Here Grace is the free gift of salvation that God gives to us, and peace is the resulting effect of that free gift
. at My Little Corner

Stine (of Norway) at Mother's Home has posted a Globe (WW) but also quotes a few words from Sri Chinmoy:
World peace can be achieved, revealed, offered and manifested on earth when in each person the power of love replaces the love of power.”

Bonnie Jacobs (of Chattanooga State) has posted globes and says *P*E*A*C*E* at Bonnie's Books, at Continuing the Quest, at Greening the Planet, and at Plum Crazy Red Hat Mamas

Audrey Murphy (of Aberdeen, Scotland) has posted a Globe at Every Now and Then*I Know (a journey of a dream)

Electronic Village
(where is it, I wonder...) posted their Globe

Francois Marais (of unknown) posts his own creation to support the Blogblast at Street Crew

Chris (of The Maritimes, Canada) has posted her Globe at Book-a-rama

Shelley Kneuper (of unknown) posts her Globe as well as some international quotes at This Eclectic Life

Ginafish (of unknown) posts her Globe at Ginafish with the words
" Peace
a never ending quest
with hope and faith
in a better world. "

Cathy (of unknown) posts her Globe at Cathy's Place to Blog

Grant (of South Africa) posts his Globe at Million Dollar Project


Lizza said...

You and Annelisa are terrific, Mims. It's an honor to be part of this and to have gotten to "meet" both of you.

Isn't it wonderful? Bloggers of all shapes, sizes, and colors coming together for something we all think is worthwhile and expressing our thoughts about it in different ways.

Mimi Lenox said...

It IS wonderful.Thanks for your continued involvement. Peace and hugs to you from America to the Philippines.

SparkyDog said...

Thats nice.

RennyBA said...

Thank you so much for this initiative Mimi! In an excellent way you empowering bloggers! I always say: What you focus on, you get more of and you have helped people focus on the most important issue for our planet!
Peace to you and the one you love:-)

Unknown said...

Mimi --> we were pleased to honor you as a Village Hero. That is not an honor that we share lightly. You earned it with your focused energy on the critical issue of peace. You brought many of us together. Let's keep the flow going...

peace (it's how I sign off SERIOUSLY!),


Mimi Lenox said...

RennyBa - Very nice to meet you in the sphere. Thanks for your kind words.

Mimi Lenox said...

Villager - Kindred spirits we are then. I am honored. Thank you.

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