Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Things I Wish I Didn't Know

Thirteen Things I Wish I Didn't Know......
1. That everyday in a region of Sudan called Darfur, people are being terrorized, forced from their homes, raped, murdered, dehumanized. I sit in a nice, safe place with plenty to eat and blessings to spare. has a post called "Background" that's worth checking out...

2. That every night some child, somewhere, goes to bed hungry.
3. I wish I never had to hear "Killed by a roadside bomber" ever again.
4. That nuclear weapons had never been invented.
5. Names such as Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Dahmer
6. That media violence permeates the psyches of our children and grandchildren on a daily basis
7. That whole families sleep in cars.
8. That there are single mothers all over the world who cry themselves to sleep at night wondering how they'll provide Christmas for their children this year.
9. That diseases such as cancer and AIDS and other crippling sorrows are part of our world
10. I wish I didn't know that there are kids in American schools who hate to go home for Christmas break because they know they won't eat breakfast or lunch until it's time to come back to school in January.
11. I wish I didn't know that a cardboard shelter will keep some people warm tonight. That in the United States of America it is common to step over homeless people on a city street and keep walking.
12. That political policy dictates privilege.
13. I wish I didn't know how simple achieving peace really might be - given the chance.
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K T Cat said...

OK, take a big, deep breath and then go visit this post.

After that you can see that my TT is up.

Mimi Lenox said...

K t cat....I love your site on random acts of kindness. I have linked you. GREAT IDEA!

Bond said...

WOW Mimi...

Thought provoking.

Once again, I come to visit and I walk away feeling like a better person for having done so.

Thanks for reminding us all that no matter how sh***y our lives are at the moment (and believe me mine is), there are many who would give anything to have our problems and not their own.

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