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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

NaNoWriMo: Another One Bites The Dust

I have lost my mind.

It is 39 minutes past midnight on November 1, 2006 and I haven't written one single word of my novel. I'm behind already. What was I thinking??
It was that damn promise. Crept up on me like kudzu on Grandma's nightgown. Don't ask.

As you'll recall I made a
silly promise to myself say.....oh....20 years ago that I would have my first novel finished (preferably published) by the time I turned a certain age. In the throes of a wicked midlife crisis and sorely in need of chocolate I refuse to reveal the number that has magically appeared on my driver's license.

But in exactly 28 days on my big-0 birthday I will either be staring at 49,125 words or an empty promise - novella or not.

And what do I know about novel writing anyway? The three I've written, half-written and almost-written finally climbed out of the bottom of the closet only to take a backseat to my only vice.....

Blogging! Of which I am shamefully addicted. Just ask anybody.
I'd rather blog than eat.

When I started this blog and that blog and that blog and then this blog back in June I didn't realize how having that blank post page staring at me everyday....Create me, Create me!....would be such a motivator. But it has been and it's taught me to trust the instincts that were flung to the bottom of the closet floor to begin with. So I have. Four months later I've created Mimi Pencil Skirt, a morphing Mimi, Scarlett O'Hara tales, daily dating snippets from you-know-where, started construction on three meme central websites, became a Guest Blogger for Bestest Blog Of All-Time, written Karaoke Blog, authored and launched the Peace Globe project.
I'm tired.
Now I know why I joined
National Novel Writing Month yesterday.

I need some rest.

Or maybe it's because I want to have an excuse to live like a Bohemian for thirty days and snap at people because I'm plot perturbed.
I can throw a hissy-fit, cultivate epiphanies, scandalize my Freudian tendencies, excommunicate myself, exorcise my diva demons and send my prissy self into exile.
I vow to forget about TaeBo altogether and take up Yoga instead!
Well, maybe not.

So this is what I'm gonna do.
For the next 29 days 23 hours and 21 minutes I'll brood through the house like Edgar Allan searching for his Annabel Lee, drink gallons of French Vanilla coffee, chew on pencil lead and curse just because I blankety-blank want to. (See! I can't even cuss.)

And no, blankety-blank is not one of
Bazza's cryptic English analogies - it's a real word. I just wanted to see if I could publish profanity without blushing.


I have a lot of work to do.

5 days and counting!


Alicia M B Ballard StudioGaleria said...

Mimi dear

Donno if you are only “wenting” or...

Blogging can be terribly addictive and, creativity goes through cycles “somehow” attached to it (?) It can be a friend and a true aid in creative growth, as it can also eat you up - if you have any sensitivity at all (and let it). I found.

It is wonderful writing you have done in this post – as you have done in the past.
Follow your heart at your own pace, and you'll conquer it all - one project at the time... :)

Otherwise, I hope all else is well!
Love and joy to you and loved ones

Ian said...

Mimi, darling...

You ARE crazy.

But you're MY kind of crazy. Come join us at WatchWords, a writers group I started as a support base for nanowrimo and other writing projects.


Ian said...

Oh, and because of your insanity, you are now on my blogroll and one of my recommended blogs for November. :)


Tom Atkins said...

A novel in a month? I'd be overwhelmed! (and impressed)

Thanks by stopping by to read a while, and I've signed on to your Peace Globe movement. The globe is up and I'll be writing the 7th.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Mimi having a hissy fit is something that I cannot imagine. I'm sorry, it totally slipped my mind that you had joined NaNoWriMo too.

I agree with Ian, you're my kind of crazy too. Good luck on everything.

Anonymous said...

I can't go anywhere in the blogosphere today without reading about NaNoWriMo! Seriously stop it, I don't want to read about it any more! The voices are saying "do it" and "are you crazy, you can never do that don't even try". It is 7pm and I have yet to write a word. Aagghhh! And I know what you mean about blogging being addictive!

Alicia M B Ballard StudioGaleria said...

I'll just watch you and all... see if it this "WatchWords" is contagious... and I allow myself near it the next time I came up for a breath.

Big breath... b-r-e-t-h-e d-e-e-p

Good writing!

Anonymous said...

I have found that if you start with "Once Upon a Time" novels will write themselves.

I also find that the Tooth Fairy is real.

Cursing can be liberating. Alcohol can not solve anything. It can help, though.

Best of luck...

madd said...

Mimi..whew!! I am exhausted just reading this post..LOL I loved how all the links, well almost:), took you to a peace globe :):) Thanks for the drop by and yes it will continue to get bigger and better, I'm with ya..let me know how else I can help..take care..get some chocolate and you go girl..m

Anonymous said...

Queen Mimi, I now pronounce you the female Jack Bauer of the Blogworld! You sure know how to make the 24 hours of each day count.

Best of luck with the writing. Should you lose your way, just look to our Brazilian stud muffin for inspiration! :p

Anonymous said...

Im still working on mine and have been for say ohhh ummm 12 yrs.. sigh.. im going to focus and finish it darn it.. i will i swear i will... *sigh*.. now i just have to find the time ... *clears throat*.. MAKE TIME... have a good one

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the NaNoWriMo!!

I haven't the constitution to do it--and my kids need a mom over the next month, LOL, so maybe next year? Or, when the Great One is in full-day Kindergarden (a long 3 years from now!)

I'm trying to get the globe into my sidebar and it's not 'taking'...but I'm still in for the 7th!


Anonymous said...

Hope to see you at Watchwords.
Join the insanity.

Vinnie from Bitter Cup of Joe imparted this bit of wisdom to me:
Sanity is over-rated.

I had a great day of writing Nov 1st.
Now it's the second and I'm scared word-less. Hah! How insane is that?
And it's not like I don't know what happens next, it's just that I actually LIKED what I wrote on day one and now am afraid that I can't do it justice.... what a load of crap, I know!
Anyway, just wanted to say hi and give you support!
Go Mimi! Go Mimi! Go Mimi!

By the way, I have been remiss in my duties with the Peace Globe. Many apologies. I am going to post about it NOW><
love ya ~ your friend & fellow NaNoWriMo'er

Serena said...

Wow... so many bloggers are getting involved in this NaNoWriMo project! Its crazy!

Best of luck with your novel. I hope you actually manage to finish one.

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