Saturday, November 11, 2006

Breaking News! Peace Globes Wreak Havoc on Saturn

Officials say ..........."I'm hoping that as we puzzle over it, it will become even more exciting as we start to connect the dots in our brains. But right now, the wheels are a little creaky," Flasar said. "We're all arguing with each other about what it might or might not be."

Oh please.

Mimi Pencil Skirt is on the case.
I won't even need a pencil for this.
A skirt.
But no pencil.

As soon as mom calms down over the Ebay scandal I mentioned yesterday I'm going to take a trip to NASA headquarters.

Apparently, 350 mph CLOCKWISE (!!) winds are causing a major unprecedented hurricane on Saturn.

The Peace Globes.

That's what I get for attempting to reverse the motion in the film loop.

"The images -- essentially a 14-frame movie -- were captured over a period of three hours on October 11 by the U.S. space agency's Cassini spacecraft as it passed about 210,000 miles." (quote Reuters)

The Peace Globes

.......................... which began October 11

".....the storm looks just like water swirling down the drain in a bath tub, only on a gigantic scale.
"We've never seen anything like this before," Flasar said in an interview. "It's a spectacular-looking storm." (Reuters story 11/12/06)

Ho hum.

"It looks like a hurricane, but it doesn't behave like a hurricane," Andrew Ingersoll, a member of Cassini's imaging team at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, said in a statement.

Well, what do they expect? We're a well-behaved bunch.


The Peace Globes.

"Whatever it is, we're going to focus on the eye of this storm and find out why it's there."

Ye another useless drain of tax dollars for research into an obvious mystery Mimi Pencil Skirt and her partners in intergalactic crime has already solved.

I had the same discussion with Blogger on November 7th.
"Look lady! We're tired of your cute little blue marbles clogging up our server. Don't you know there's an election today? The Democrat and Republican party leaders are up in arms (imagine massive eye-rolling by yours truly) - and we've got bigger donkeys to fry. Now, knock it off!"

To which I calmly replied.

The Peace Globes."

"Flasar said scientists have more work ahead to understand the Saturn storm. " (Reuters)

I'm about to make a very big link exchange. First I have to make sure they have the internet in outer space. Could explain why they're confused.
Be back in a bit. All I have to do is get the url of the satellite monitoring system and hookup. A shorter skirt may be needed but I think I can hold my own. (I tried to explain to them earlier that we're a virgin flight. We have no idea where we're going and unfortunate collisions might occur - peacefully, of course. Can I help it if the majority of you picked Saturn as your rest stop? Did you all stop and decide to have a picnic or something?
From now on, you need to tell me these things!)

Film at 11.

Click here to read the full Reuters story and see the angry eye of Saturn's storm. History in the making.

Such a simple caper this was.
But they always hire the wrong reporter.


jbwritergirl said...

Saturn has always been a good friend to all those who share space in the solar system.

I think what's actually happening here is that she is trying to help put Pluto to rest gracefully by swallowing him whole.

Pluto had recently added a DNR clause to his will so he would not have to langor in space as earthlings try to erase him from their memory.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! We're going interplanetary now. Intergalactic is next. :-) Better add suitable items to your wardrobe for the space jaunts you'll be making, Mimi.

Anonymous said...

I have posted a reply/post to your & Maximus Doom's comments on my Non-Work Safe Herbal Stud posting of yesterday...
My ten responses (don't worry, I was gentle) to Mr. Doom are now up at

It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

Mo mo the ho mo

Anonymous said...

I see your half a face thing is catching on. Now Lizza has lost half of hers. Where will this insanity end?

Probably on Saturn.

Happy Saturday-

Anonymous said...

I see your half a face thing is catching on. Now Lizza has lost half of hers. Where will this insanity end?

Probably on Saturn.

Happy Saturday-

Mimi Lenox said...

Could be, jbwritergirl. Poor Pluto. I shall make him a peace globe.

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza! I love your beautiful hair and half face! look marvelous. And thank you for giving me one more reason to go shopping.

Mimi Lenox said...

Mo, I have checked it out already. Thanks for the top ten reasons post. I'm sure doomsday man will be happy now.

Mimi Lenox said...

Bud....I hope the insanity never ends.

Jan said...

I want a peace globe, but its too late........waaa waaa waaa.

And I do believe that you're right, the Peace Globes did it!

Mimi Lenox said...

Jan - It is never too late for a peace globe. Did you ever get one?!!

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