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Monday, October 30, 2006

Inspiring Words from Peaceful Bloggers

There is a rumble in the air.
It is moving from blog to blog to blog.

Poetry in the making, paintings full of life and words - oh, your words - are full of healing.
Yesterday I called it a "chatter."

I was wrong.

My dream is still to see those Latin words on every blog, that vision has not changed; but what I'm finding in the ranks of blog pages across our world is far more eloquent than mere numbers can convey.

Yes, the significant grandness and sheer volume of our voice in record numbers is part of the vision - but as of yesterday, when I started to really hear what you were saying - I realized that the depth of what I heard could never be measured by a globe count.

Do you hear it?

This from a teacher in the United States named Quilldancer who wears her blog like a garment of flowers. She taught me about gratitude.
"There is a roof over my head, food in my
refrigerator- and in my belly... For me, life is good, and full of fun and
games. For some people, none of life is fun and games.....On November 7th a call for peace will rise from the blogosphere. I plan to show my gratitude for my
life and prividges I deem common place, by asking that those privileges become
common place the world over."

A blog in from Filip in Bulgaria that I can't read a word of. Anyone care to translate? The visual speaks for itself anyway.

And this from an invisible radio blog owner (It's Tape Radio. Go figure)-musician-comedian who brought to bear the potential of unified action.
"This may be as important a thing that you, and
now we, have ever done.
There is nothing as serious as peace.

Quoting from an Amnesty International poster, Annelisa, author of Words That Flow sends this in a comment. It's too good to leave there unnoticed.
'Many little things done by many little people
will change the face of the world' (quote from Amnesty International - photo on
my wall) and added "There's nothing brighter than a beacon of hope."

From Kat, the author of Kat's Random Thoughts, in an email yesterday,
"I find the thought of many minds focused on one common topic a very powerful
thing. The kind of movement that creates real change."
Read this post on her blog today on The Power of Numbers.

Jessie, who lost her mother not long ago, is honoring her on November 7th. It would have been her mom's 57th birthday. I like the simple sentiment on her globe she submitted, "Hunna wants peace. Do you?"

From India, the enigmatic Prometheus writes. "Yo Mims. This is a bit like digging a tunnel to China armed with a plastic spoon.....Ergo, I sign up."

I started this project with a conviction that words are powerful. I could see your names scrawled across our world in one silent voice - and I knew the images themselves would speak volumes. But I didn't anticipate how profoundly your thoughts would affect my vision.........How much conviction of purpose I would gather from reading what you had to say........What I would learn about myself in such a short time.......Nor that I would find myself crying at my keyboard.

I think, Prometheus Ruler of the Universe, that Mims just got a bigger spoon.


Tom Atkins said...

What thoughtful, warm words filled this entry. My first visit here, but certainly not my last!

Anonymous said...

Mimi, just an FYI I am doing a peace globe post tomorrow, I am linking yours and Franks site in the post..OK? week and counting...take care..m

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful you are getting all those affirmations, mimi. Though the people who need to hear it, on't listen what can we do but "Give peace a chance." Or at least deal with each other in the spirit of peace, if we can't effect geopolitical situations.

Annelisa said...

Yes, Mimi, the whispers are growing into speech. Hopefully, soon, enough will join together to make a voice!

Maybe the 'first words' will soon be spoken, and recorded by us 'parents' of the world, to be remembered and looked back on with fondness...

Anonymous said...

You are doing good here. You should be proud.

Mimi Lenox said...

Good to meet you, Tom. I went to your site. Your write beautiful poetry. I will return! Thanks for commenting on the Peace Globes.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you, Madd. I can't wait to see it. But if people keep writing lovely inspirational posts I'm going to have to buy more kleenex. But it's a nice problem to have.

Mimi Lenox said...

Gem...I wish we could make change for the cause of peace and hunger and injustice and suffering. Speaking out is never a bad thing though.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you, Bud. I am proud of all of you.

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