Tuesday, September 19, 2006

LonelyGirl15 Doesn't Exist

Or does she?

According to the New Zealand Herald, Jessica Rose of LonelyGirl15 fame, an actress from down under residing in Los Angeles, is surprised by all the hoopla.

Apparently, lonelygirl is lonely no more.

All that angst abruptly ended when the scandal broke last week and girl15 had to fess up. This time her confessional was real.

I think.

Here's the
original YouTube profile for lovely LonelyGirl15 in case you haven't met her. You'll be amazed by the stats. Everyday blogging pales in comparison to these numbers.

And have you ever wondered who LonelyGirl14 is? 13? Will LonelyGirl16 be crowned successor? Just what does it take to become a coveted lonely girl?

Evidently, a camera, a script, and an empty bedroom in Beverly Hills.

And didn't her fans notice that her bed was always made? How many real sixteen-year-old girls do that?

According to this
ABCNews, CNN, MSNBC, article and a FoxNews story, the mystery was solved by a few computer savvy fans and a hunch.

Miss Rose will undoubtedly be loved and hated by cyber geeks everywhere; nonetheless, she has now earned a spot in
Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia), will continue her video acting, and undoubtedly land a movie offer from the fiasco.

Not bad for a struggling actress in LA first time up to bat.

Question is.....will she be able to convince the fans she lost-who felt betrayed by the deception - that she has redeeming qualities as a person - not just an actress.

Read the links above to get the full story of how 3-minute snippets of daily dialogue through a cheap video camera became a mega cyber hit in the first place.

The upstart movie makers behind the small production claim "new art form."

Not sure I'd go that far. What do you think?
Do video-blogs an art form make?

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