Sunday, August 20, 2006

Portfolio Reeholio

They range from stark and sepia to hauntingly absent of color, but always interesting in scope. Pictures, that is. Rhys Postlewaight, a creative photographer from New Zealand, likes to mix-it-up. His popular website/blog of photos is just one of several online pursuits. Let's hope he takes time to fiddle with that camera of his more often; his photographs are wonderful.

Take "Daniel" for example, juxtapositioned with "Empty Swings." It is a blog layout well done. I'm not an expert technical critic of photography, but I know talent when I see it. He has an eye for color and movement, even when there isn't any there, which, of course, is what makes art art.

Thus far, at least what he's shared with the blog world, his work consists of simple and elegant lines such as "Flower" (my favorite), Craters of the Moon, Sand (a close second favorite), and Coconut Tree, all of which have been exhaustively photographed by others; however, Rhys has a unique spin on color and frame, in my humble opinion.

At the bottom of Portfolio Reeholio, there is a link to another blog (yes, he has yet another blog!!) called Wild New Zealand. It's like stepping into the countryside. Along with stunning photos, he provides us with personal commentary and facts about the country he obviously loves. My favorite shot on this page is "Rocks on Ice?" taken on Hellfire Stream in the South Island of New Zealand (posted August 7, 2006) From there, is a link to a page of Sunrises.

What makes this blog unique, besides the photography talent, is the international peek into another land by someone who lives there and can speak to us visually and like a neighbor. I believe that's what Rhys Postlewaight, the owner of A World of Bloggers, had in mind to begin with. His simple, and clever, entrepreneurial philosophy of introducing us to each other through blogging is catching on.
Reeholio's photographs are a breath of fresh blog air. Take a look.

Other sites by Rhys Postlewaight include World Famous in New Zealand and A World of Reeholio.

*sunrise photo public domain Jon Sullivan*


Reeholio said...

Hi Mimi,

Thanks for the great review of my photos. I think blogging is a great way to share one's talents. Mine is amateur photography. Yours is in your writing.

Before I discovered blogging, my photos were shut away on my hard drive and in boxes in my closet. Now that I have shared them with the world via this medium, I take great pleasure in the wonderful feedback such as yours, that I have received about them.

Warm Regards,


PS. How’s those three books coming along?

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Rhys,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my commenting! I agree about sharing talents via blogs. It's awesome!
Keep asking me about those closet books of mine, it helps me find the determination to finish! They're coming along and I'm getting new ideas everyday.
Now......where are those pictures you've kept hidden on
your hard drive?
We want to see more!

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

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