Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Promise: Can she do it?

I have three books in the closet.
Let me clarify. I sometimes like to think of them as still being at the bottom of a stack of disheveled prose in the bottom of the closet where I found them - after all, they hibernated there for more than a decade - actually, I set them free a couple of years ago. They now reside in plain view. On my desk. Still somewhat disheveled, but shaping up.

I made a promise to myself all those years ago. That one day, I would peek inside the closet and resurrect the jumbled-up-me that lay scrambled under college books and baby booties on the floor of that tee-tiny cell.
The day finally came when I no longer had diaper excuses, thesis deadlines, or mother exhaustion; pity parties, emotional wrenching, and procrastination fell victim to one powerful motivator -

The promise.

It is here.
It is now.

I promised myself that I would finish and publish my first book by the time I turned fifty.
I have exactly 101 days, 7 hours and 33 minutes.

I was right to begin with. There are 3 books in the closet; three more I've yet to start. I've spent the last several years penning epiphanies onto the pages I'm staring at right now. Piling up in living reams around my feet, are story lines and twists I resolve in dreams, then get up to write down in the wee hours of the morning
- still lovingly scrawled, at times, by hand; on my desk, resting in my lap, sprawled naked on the floor, stored on my floppies, and borne of the better part of the guts and refuse of my life -as it were - screams the closing of a chapter in the middle of the night.

One fictional meandering of suspense and psychological intrigue, one compilation of stories I gathered in storms, and one honest true tale of the bravest boy I know.

One is a love story, one is a love story, the other is a love story.
Here's my challenge to you: every now and then, when you're blog cruisin' and decide to stop in to say about giving me a swift-kick-in-the-writers-pants to keep me going. I need SOMEBODY to hold me accountable for this metaphorical mystery that keeps piling up in my head and spilling out onto the paper before the sun comes up.
It must not go back in the closet.
I would never forgive myself.

Thank you, in advance.

And by the way, we're gonna have one helluva party.


Anonymous said...

Yes, she can! I joined an organization that required me to edit my novel in six months, and then the sponsoring site went defunct.The immediacy of a blog is like a seductress, pulling us away from other writing tasks. I know I could use my blog time to write other stuff, but I like seeing my work online and like it even me when people let me know they're read it.

As one woman at my online writing site told me about revising my novel, "Welcome to the Bloody Sweat Club." Finishing a novel is hard, hard work. That's why many people start novels but few finish.

I don't believe some writers claims that one can't get a book published. I just look around when I'm in Barnes and Noble and say, I want to be there! I can do this.

So here's your electronic kick in the pants. You can do this.


Mimi Lenox said...

I needed that. Thank you.
You're right, blogging takes up my writing time. It is, admittedly, addictive!

vichchoobhai said...


Here is a real hard kick to u ( u know where) to get going and finish your magnum opus all in time!

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Hope you'll stop in again soon and keep me accountable!


GhostRose said...

Come on you girl!!! You can do it.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks, Ghostrose. I was in dire need of a kick. I like the diversity and visual aspects of your blog. Who is Cowbell?? Interesting. I'm going to check him out right now! Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it.

Don said...

So, where do you stand on your goals now? I won't kick you in the pants - but I will tickle you until you beg for mercy...

Mimi Lenox said...

Don - I am behind on my goals. I need a swift kick in the pants again. And maybe a tickle.

Don said...

[Don approaches, stomping his heavy black work boots with each footstep and twitching his fingers in the air around waist-high as he approaches his target, Mimi Pencil Skirt, wicked grin growing across his face...]

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