Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Mimisms with Homer The Palace Dog


Homer!! Homer...where arrrre you?
Don't tell her I'm here. Tell her I ran away with the gypsies.

She is flying around the house on her blog broom babbling something about writing to the Vatican and moving to Italy for the winter just in case the government doesn't re-open and buying papayas to freeze. Papayas?? I hate papayas. She knows that!

When I get back you'd better have the 2006 peace globes registered with the Library of Congress, the 2007 peace globes registered with Wikipedia, the 2008 peace globes UPS delivered to Disneyworld for display, the 2009 peace globes faxed to President Bush, the 2010 peace globes faxed to President Bush, the 2011 peace globes hand delivered to President Obama, the 2012 peace globes spit shined and ready for important company. Ya got that?
Oh! And make sure you've GPS mapped this Wikipedia gem of Vatican City and printed it out so you can read it to me in the car.
We're going on a little trip to the Papal States.   That's why we need papayas you see...When in Rome do as...oh, never mind. You wouldn't understand. You're just a blog - that's blog + dog for all you non-blog speakers. I'm sure His Holiness will want to make a peace globe once he tastes my magnanimous fruity gift that I so brilliantly concocted. If you're lucky I'll bring you some from the store to make a nice pudding.

What was that, Homer?

That's what I thought you said.

To be continued...
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Shannon W. said...

Awwww poor Homer. He needs a treat!

Mimi Lenox said...

Shannon- He lives in a palace and is pampered by a Queen. What else could he want??!

Akelamalu said...

You're going to Rome???

bazza said...

Hi Mimi. I have started Blogging again after a short break and decided to visit all the names on my 'followers' list (even if they can't remember who I am!).
I think I will make a Peace Globe this year too. I remember you before you were world famous!
Beast regards, Bazza x
CLICK HERE for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Travis Cody said...

You're getting a little sillier than normal. We must be well inside the 30 days to go to Blog Blast Day.

Yup...all is as it should be!

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