Saturday, October 16, 2010

If Words Are Powerful...Then This Matters: Words From A Girl Named Zhu

with quotations and prose from famous peace activists -

I am listening to the voices of peace bloggers.

I have long maintained that while there is significant noise in numbers,   the real power of the peace  globe movement lies in the eloquent prose  buried deep in the pages  of peace posts from Nigeria to Switzerland. But when people are not allowed to speak, hope is forever silenced and change has no chance.......because silence is the greatest partner to apathy and apathy is the greatest threat of all. My hope is that this movement will continue to harness and illuminate the goodness and imagination of people whose  hearts truly long for peace and tolerance.  It is my belief that massive change always starts  with momentum born of passion and unrest.
Let our words start the flood  of permanent peace.
If we believe that words are powerful.....then this matters.

Day 18 from Zhu who writes Correr Es Mi Destino  in Canada (traveler, photographer, world citizen)

"She writes: Why do we fight today ? Because they attacked us first. Civil war. Biological war. Because we want to protect our values. Holy war and war gods. Because they have the bomb and they’re not supposed to. Preventive war, atomic war. Because they torture. War crimes. Because we have weapons to sell. Economic war. War of attrition. Phony war. War games.
I’m tired of all these clich├ęs about wars and the need to fight. A war as no morality, no matter how hard our leaders try to sell it. Nothing can justify violence, period. Wars are fueled by racial, ethnic, religious animosities or ideological fervor. How do you teach someone peace by fighting? How are we making things better? Is there really a civilization above all others who has the surpreme right? Don’t we all know, by now, that there is no right or wrong and that today’s legitimate reason to attack will be tomorrow’s legitimate reason to defend?
No, we don’t."

We will launch BlogBlast For Peace again November 4, 2010.
You have a voice.
What will you say?


Sherry Blue Sky said...

So fantastically well put! Thanks for posting this Mimi -am going to go check the author out........getting excited about the 4th!! Posted a piece about the Dalai Lama yesterday, will do another peace post today!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Mimi, here is a link to what I posted today
I will be posting about peace often from now till the 4th .
Blessings, Sherry

Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, well said.

Travis Cody said...

I firmly believe that more citizens of the world feel exactly this way than feel that fighting is the answer. The problem is that the ones who believe in fighting and war shout louder and get all the press.

Sometimes I get so discouraged reading comments on articles and blogs. Everything is so contentious and lacking respect for different view points.

Then I take a breath, and try again to speak louder for peace.

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