Friday, September 12, 2008

Homer Strikes Again

You see...I'm trying to get my dog Homer in the peace globe spirit. He hasn't been so depressed since I gave away his girlfriend. Homer takes care of things around Bloggingham Palace in my absence. He keeps the servants in line, feeds the prisoners in the dungeon, and generally struts around like a King all day. He loves it!
If not for my loyal dog Homer The Handsome, I wouldn't get a thing done. That's why I've made him my Official Peace Globes Campaign Manager. The only time he complains about peace globes is when I forget to feed him because I'm working on a post or he has to dust the many globes lying around the castle.
Sometimes he doesn't get to say everything he'd like because....well....he's such a polite and loving animal. He ADORES his Queen. If I could just find a man with such devotion. Sigh.

Did you say something Sweet Doggie of Mine? As I was saying......Homer is the best of the best. He treats me with tender affection and wet sloppy kisses at least once a day. Frolic is his middle name. Happiness and sunshine are a halo about his cute little head and....on more than one occasion he has shared his doggie bones with me. He's a barrel of smiles that Homer.

And what a guard dog he is! Once a pack of wild blog stealin' good-fur-nothin' coyotes tried to steal the peace globes and my website (which Homer reads daily) and what did my brave and loyal hunk of Homer do?
He gave them a good talking to that's what and then he gave them
No don't have to worry about things when Homer is around. I'd trust my blife (that's blog+life for all you non blog speakers) to him in a New York minute. In fact, Homer is so excited about the upcoming BlogBlast For Peace that he volunteered to market it for me while I'm on a little promotional tour this week. Where am I going? Oh. Here and there. Round about the sphere I'll be. Dropping comments, sending emails and writing posts of course so don't go anywhere. But don't you worry, while I'm out promoting BlogBlast, Homer is on the job night and day! Guarding the castle and singing my praises. Why, just the other day I heard him tell someone that I was the bestest Queen he's ever served in his dogblife (that's dog + know....) I'm sure that's what I heard him say.

There's an election coming up ya know. A big one. Homer is so devoted to me that he even volunteered to write my blog while I'm out on my worldwide promotional tour.
I trust him COMPLETELY!
Did I just hear someone cuss in here? Did you hear it?Homer! There you are! Where have you been?
I've told all my blog friends that you are in charge as my campaign manager and how much I love my little doggie poo.

How you worship the ground I walk you are always looking out for your Queen....and what a pickle I'd be in without you. I knew I could depend on you, Homer. You're the best dog a pencil skirt ever had.

Homer? Homer????
Did I say something wrong sweet doggie of mine?

Where did you go? And don't forget to nail all the peace globe flyers to the telephone poles in the neighborhood this evening and I'm in a good mood so why don't you give the prisoners an extra spoonful of prune pudding.
I'll be out for the evening but I'm not worried a bit. Not with you in charge. And remember, just call me if you need me. You have my cell phone number on speed dial.
Goodnite my little pookie.

I'll see you tomorrow for Sunday Stealing.


Greyscale Territory said...

This is just brilliant! I have laughed till I cried. Bloggingham Palace is certainly quite a place! Of course, it would not be without dearest Homer!

Mimi Lenox said...

Greyscale- Why thank you. I am glad to tickle your fancy. I'll tell Homer.

Ferd said...

You better keep a close eye on Homer. Methinks he knows way too much.

Travis said...

I love it when you get silly.

Akelamalu said...

Hehe you're funny Mimi. x

Carver said...

Ha, that's hilarious. I wouldn't worry with Homer in charge either.

Dawn said...

Good Dog!
We can all rest easy my Queen knowing Homer is holding down the fort :)

Lapa37 said...

Very funny Homer is quite the cutie and very smart as well. With him around I'm sure your Bloggingham Palace is in good hands.LMAO

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

He just came into my yard. Can you send a servant over to clean it up?

Mimi Lenox said...

Ferd - Homer knows all my secrets for sure.

Travis - Smooch.

Akelamalu - Glad to make you giggle.

Carver - He is the man.

Dawn - I trust him completely even though he hates my guts. I read that buster!

lapa - Thanks for visiting. See above comment.

Bud - That is why God made pooper scoopers....

jennifer said...

Silly suits you Mimi! And Homer is a.... sweetie? He has a dry sense of humor for certain!

Mimi Lenox said...

Jennifer - Homer is a dog in his own blog universe for sure.

Anndi said...

Ummmmm... you do realize you told us you love doggie poo... *snarf*

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