Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday Blog Chatter: Wisdom In The Waves

Mary The Teach, a college teacher of literature in New York, authors a blog called Work Of The Poet. Today she tossed her third bottle into the Blogosphere Ocean and I thought it was superb. I'm secretly glad Mary doesn't teach Geography or I might have to 'splain where that ocean is....exactly. Ahem. As it is I'm always worrying about commas, incessant and annoying parentheses (because I have sidebar conversations with myself all the time) and my overactive ellipsis..... when she comes to call. See? I think I should have placed at least one comma in the previous sentence and left out the ellipsis. It was a sentence..... wasn't it?

Behold Bottle #243. Mary The Teach spaketh thusly. Pay attention.
In addition to spinning beautiful bottle messages, she quotes Rushdie, supports Obama and Matt-Man for President, and generally keeps our brains ticking along with insightful quotes and posts. I particularly liked 13 Things I Want To Tell Pope Benedict XVI When He Visits America. I hope she's granted an audience soon. On second thought, based on the wisdom found at Mary's place, maybe SHE should run for President.
But until then I'll be content to sit in her classroom. And learn. (I know that wasn't a complete sentence!)
Bottle#230 belongs to The Old Sarge who left a note for his beloved.


Of course she went right over and said "I love you too" and then there was some discussion about a cake and a cruise ship -which I'm sure is privy to only the two of them . So I won't ask. These two should have their own blog comedy show. They could teach us a thing or two about commitment as well.... and how love manages to bloom in the deep dark ocean. It has graced their lives for over 40 years. There are now 247 messages at my Message In A Bottle site but none half as sweet as when these chase each other around the blogosphere.

Of course, you can say what you want to but we all know that as much as Sarge loves Empress Bee it's pretty much about his attempt to stay out of the dungeons of Bloggingham Palace since he did admit to googling Bowing and Curseying to prepare for his swim in the annointed waters where royalty prevails and run-on sentences, well, run.

I don't think even Mary The Teach can fix that sentence. Do you think she noticed? Swimming right along....until....

I stepped on a nest of fishing nets full of holy sweet fudge somehow on the floor of the ocean, way down deep in the water of Bloggingham's sea and tangled myself up with a girl named Twyla from Nova Scotia who tossed in Bottle #241.

She had just one lovely and profound thing to say.

I'm going back for another swim to see what I can find.

These waters are deep. And full of wisdom.

What posted on Mimi Writes one year ago? Peace Bloggers Finnegan and Buddy


Travis said...

Gotta love the messages.

And wow...243!

Sanni said...

I´m with Trav. I absolutely LOVE the messages.

I guess I´m going to throw an additional message, too. =)



Thank you so very much for all the kind comments and for taking care of the little Hamster 2.0 and me.
It means so much to me! (And yes, I´m still in off my feet... My Queen told me so *g*)

Deana said...

Wow, that first bottle really is a message we should all pay attention to!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

awww mimi, you are a darling and i shall not be in the dungeon today, i shall be headed for a CRUISE SHIP!!! woo hoo...

smiles, bee

Akelamalu said...

Such inspirational and 'love'ely messages! :)

Starrlight said...

Kidlet and I shall work on ours this afternoon. Right after I piss off my two cats by shaving them. My words of wisdom will probably be "ouchies."

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Three great picks Mimi. I don't think there are two better lovers in all of cyberspace and Sarge and Empress Be. Have a great day. Big hug. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Trav - They are inspiring.

Sanni - Is that you and little Hamster 2.0? What are you doing in Bloggingham Palace??!Y You're supposed to be in bed!
Don't make me come over there.

Deana - It's a keeper for sure.

Bee - Awaiting the pictures. I hope you have a lovely time with Sarge. He is a romantic fella, isn't he? All the ladies are swooning over that bottle message ya know.

Akelamalu - I love 'em too.

Starrlight - As I told you earlier, you crack me up!

Sandee - They are one of a kind for sure. You have a great day too!

Patti said...

Twyla's message is simply beautiful.

and Bee and Sarge...they are the best

the teach said...

Thanks so much, Mimi for featuring me ans saying such nice things! Twyla's quote is absolutely wonderful! :D

Mimi Lenox said...

Patti - I loved Twyla's too. And Sarge and Bee are one-of-a-kind for sure.

Mary - You're welcome. They are all inspiring to me. Thank you for taking such time with yours and tossing in more than one!

Twyla said...

Sorry I'm so late in commenting on this, but I wanted to thank you for featuring my bottle. :-)

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