Friday, December 21, 2007

Peace Globes and Angels In the Moonlight: Carver's Sight

Carver from Carver's Sight or is that Site? wrote to me this evening with a lovely surprise. This is what her email said:

"Hi Mimi,
I checked your blog and saw the post about Christmas eve peace globes. I decided to make one with a painting my father did of the angels at the Christmas pageant (bottom right corner). He died in 1998 but was an Episcopalian minister and artist. His painting was in color but I thought it worked better to do it in black and white. I went ahead and did the globe and will get the post ready in advance since Christmas eve may be hectic but I'll wait until Christmas eve to post it. I hope it's okay to do it in black and white. I can change back to color but I thought this worked better. Anyway, here's my globe. I hope you have a happy peaceful Christmas. Take care, Carver"

I was intrigued.

Frankly, even though we had a Christmas Eve BlogBlast in 2006, I didn't want to overwhelm people with another peace globe run so soon after the last one in November. That's why you haven't heard much about it. I didn't want folks to feel more pressure at this already crazy time of year with too much to do or feel that they had to spend time creating another one for the occasion.. And then I started hearing from people asking when I'm going to make an announcement about Christmas Eve globes and "Are you going to do one for Christmas Eve?" etc etc.

When I received Carver's peace globe tonight, I was reminded of the hundreds of bloggers who have shared their stories on the face of globes in unique and personal ways. And how much it meant to them.
I asked Carver to send me a copy of her father's original work in color. Here it is.

How special is this?

She wrote of her Dad,
"Something kind of cool about the painting is they made Christmas cards with the "angels in waiting" and raised money for F.I.G.S. (filling in the gaps), a group that offers temporary assistance to people that fall through the cracks. Because of those cards, my Dad heard from people all over the place. Even a woman who lives in Paris got one of the cards and wrote him a note. It was cool for him to have people thinking of him as an artist because he was listed as a Raleigh artist, with no mention of the fact that he was a minister. He liked hearing from people that wrote him as an artist they liked and didn't realize his actual job was as a minister. Ironically, I have the majority of my father's original art work but one of the few things my brother wanted was the angel painting. The irony is all 3 of my father's daughters, as well as my daughter, were angels in the Church pageant, at one point in our life, but of course our brother wasn't. I have a full size print of the angels because Daddy had them printed up for all his children when he still alive. "

The magic of peace globes translated "peace, goodwill towards men" in June and November.
What better day to spread that sentiment than Christmas?
Don't feel pressured to create brand new ones, but if you'd like to post on Christmas Eve using new or previously displayed peace globes you're certainly welcome to do so. I plan on using the one I made for my grandfather last year.

Thank you, Carver, for sharing your story with us.
I am so honored to have your father's spiritual legacy grace a peace globe.
His moonbathed painting will be seen by many "people from all over the place" - and I know he is pleased that you chose to paint a message of peace from his incredible wealth of soul.

Sidenote: Carver's Site is unique. She has a blog of stunning photography, candid talk about her curmudgeonly battle with melanoma, and just the right amount of "insight" (pun intended.) An example of her blog writing can be found here - a lovely post about her father and Impressionistic painting. I have her to thank this year for inspiring me to invite you again to write a post for peace on Christmas Eve. Here's the link with detailed instructions. (Original artwork credited to Carver's Sight Or Is That Site? and may not be copied without permission)


Patti said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful painting.I shall check out Carver's site.

Thanks Mimi.

Travis said...

The Globe looks exceptional in black and white. The painting is wonderful too.

Carver said...

Mimi Thanks again for this post. I really appreciate the things you said about me and my blog. I am having fun coming up with a Christmas eve dona nobis pacem post. Since I won't be blogging as much during Christmas, I like the idea of having a Christmas eve peace globe, as the post that will be my recent one for a while during Christmas Week. I think the whole blogblast for peace is a wonderful idea that you came up with. I also enjoy reading your other posts. You have a very distinctive style which I like.

As ever, Carver

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We love visiting Carver for photohunt. She's got beautiful stuff.


crazy working mom said...

That is beautiful! :)
She does have amazing stuff. I visit her for the Saturday Photo Hunt as well.

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