Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Blog Chatter: Naughty or Nice

I'm scared to ask Santa myself.
He's been watching me. He might actually tell me the truth.
Who am I kidding? I'm just plain scared of Santa!
I've never heard him say anything but two-letter words with exclamation points after each one in all my life. How smart can he be with a vocabulary like that?

So! So! So!....... I took this online quiz to determine if I've been naughty or nice. The results were surprising - even to me.......

You Were Nice This Year

You Were 40% Naughty, 60% Nice

Okay, so you weren't *entirely* nice this year
But Santa doesn't expect a modern girl to be perfect
You were good enough - and you'll be rewarded for it

I was good enough??
I should have lied on those questions.
I don't like this milk toast representation of my Queenhood. Let me take the quiz again. Be right back......

You Were A Little Devil This Year

You Were 85% Naughty, 15% Nice

Not only are you on Santa's naughty list...
You kind of scare him - and all the reindeer.

That's more like it. I can't have people thinking I'm a nice girl. I have a dungeon slave driver reputation to uphold ya know! And besides, I like naughty girl's sassy clingy outfit and groovy ponytail better. (I told you I was bad.)

I knew Santa would see things my way.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to saute some reindeer ears.

Does this mean I don't get any presents?


Linda said...

According to the quiz, I got the same results as your first answer - semi-naughty but mostly nice. I guess the "naughty" times must have been when I'd answer the phone at work with "American Ambulance, what's the address of your emergency?" and they'd respond with "Well, three weeks ago ..." and then I'd sigh quite audibly right there on the recorded 911 line. People! If it happened three weeks ago and your life is NOT in the balance right now, at this very minute, then it's NOT a 911 emergency! I'm not a very nice dispatcher at times like that - which are way too frequent. Hopefully Santa will forgive me for not having enough patience to suffer fools.

And as for you, your Highness, you are not and never will be in the category of "Naughty". Sorry. Cheating on a quiz does not make it so. Just because you have a dungeon, that doesn't automatically qualify you for the category because, as I have told you time and time again, you can't hang chintz curtains in a dungeon as well as play soothing music through the stereo system and still maintain any sort of aura of nastiness. Dungeons are supposed to be dark, dank, dingy places not rooms with wall-to-wall carpeting, central air and heating, and a fully stocked coffee bar in the corner. Seriously ... we need to work on that!

You can wear the nasty girl clingy outfit and the groovy ponytail but don't think for one minute that it's going to fool Santa or those of us in the Blogosphere who have come to adore you for your love for the world through the Peace Globe movement as well as your other Queenly qualities.

Face it - you're a nice girl in nasty girl clothing but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Indeed!

Lee said...

Try as I might, I just can't improve on what Linda said, so I'll just say DITTO!!!

Merry Christmas, Queen Mimi.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Mimi, I have a thought. You need to switch the naughty/nice figures on your first quiz. I think you would have a lot more fun. Did you lie on the second quiz? I think you should get lots of presents. Have a great day and a very Merry Christmas. :)

FoxxFyrre said...

Merry Christmas Mimi,

It was hands down naughty for me on this one...Need all the coal I can get. It does get quite cold up here in my artic cave. And if all I have to do is play naughty to keep warm, no propblem!

Travis said...

Embrace your inner naughty girl I say!

Merry Christmas!

Mimi Lenox said...

Linda - I am amazed that people call three weeks later. Wow. On second thought, after what I witnessed today in the crazy Christmas shopping frenzy at the mall, nothing any human being does should surprise me.

Shhh...You were not supposed to tell anyone about the chintz and music. They'll think I'm a soft Queen! You'll ruin my mean reputation.

And the rest of your comment....well, how very sweet. I am so very fond of my fellow bloggers and count many of them as true friends - that would definitely mean YOU.

I am trying hard to be naughty. Well, as naughty as I can be sans a Prince. But wait 'til you hear what I did out shopping today. It was well.....interesting.
Post and photos forthcoming.

You may all disown me after this.
I hope Santa wasn't watching....

Mimi Lenox said...

Lee - Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Sandee - I did lie on the second quiz because I so wanted that naughty badge. Does that count? Do you believe me now that I am rotten to the core??!!
Guess not.

Frank - Why am I not surprised....

Travis - Great idea! I tried that today and it nearly got me arrested. Post forthcoming....oh the shame.

crazy working mom said...

Merry Christmas you naughty girl, you! :)

Patti said...

Your highness! How could you even consider sauteeing reindeer ears?

Now that is naughty. And I also say ditto to everything Linda said.
She summed it up pretty darn well!

Waiting to read about the shopping trip. :-D

HEWY said...

LOL! Great Blog!
Merry Christmas!

Akelamalu said...

I've had such trouble getting on your blog Mimi, it keeps shutting me down. Anyway I'm on now so taking the opportunity to wish your and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May they be everything you are hoping for.

I've posted my Christmas Peace Globe today too.

Much Love and Reiki Blessings

Jamie said...

Naughty is as naughty does and I'm afraid your naughtiness sometimes gets overlooked from under all those peace globes circling the earth.

Have a wonderful holiday Your Magesty.

kathleenmaher said...

Naughty or nice? Devil or Angel?
You were a truly Majestic and Powerful Force for Peace this Year!
Santa and everyone else owes you BIG this year, Mimi. Bigger than last year and the year before.
I'm not sure earthy goods can begin to do your goodness justice.

Julie said...

Well......that makes you waaaay more interesting now doesn't it?

Anndi said...

You're mean alright... why else would I hurriedly do a meme you tagged me with including the dread Brenda Lee song...


I pink fluffy heart you!

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