Monday, October 9, 2006

An Interview With Bobby Griffin

Who is Bobby Griffin?
If you have to ask, you haven't been paying attention.

He's the creative genius behind the fastest growing blog in the blogosphere.....The Bestest Blog of All-Time.
I recently cyber-chatted with Bobby about his on-and offline life and he kindly consented to an interview. I know I'm curious; aren't you?

A definitive left-brain (he's a high school math teacher) with a penchant for right-brained humor (he loves comedic improv), he certainly knows how to balance the two into a sensational syllabus for success. Blogging 101.
And I do mean success.

He's developed a weblog with mega-traffic - 2,000+ unique visitors daily at last count - and unlike most upstarts, he wants to share the wealth. Not only that, he'll tell you how to start your own enterprise.

The Bestest Blog of All-Time made its internet debut barely four months ago and it's a cyber hit. Consider this blailer (that's Mimi blogspeak for blog trailer) a preemptive interview-strike of blogtastic things to come from this twenty-three year old entrepreneur. Once you hear what he has to say, I'm sure you'll agree with me that he is not only -dare I say - a humble brainiac - but also a regular Joe with a kind soul.

I'm convinced that Bobby Griffin has a sincere desire to promote and encourage other talents in Blogland; and he has the integrity and more than enough hutzpah to do it.
Let's listen in now. (Be sure to click on the links at the bottom for detailed information on some of Bobby's bestest ideas.)

An Interview with Bobby Griffin
By Mimi Lenox

1. What motivated you to start Bestest Blog in the first place?

-Boredom to tell you the truth. I have a lot of ideas but not always enough time to try them all. It just so happened that I had this idea that a point where I had a lot of free time on my hands.

2. Do you have other Internet or business ventures you're involved in that you'd like readers to know about?

-None that I’m personally involved with. But I do admire when other people have good ideas. For example influenced my "Premium Blogs" idea. is another great blogging idea (use my email if you sign up here as a referrer!)

3. What one piece of advice would you give new bloggers? (Besides the obvious 'link to Bestest Blog' as in now)

-Blogging is about community. You can’t be a successful blogger (successful in the sense of lots of people read your blog) if you don’t read other people’s blogs, leave comments, and link to others. This is what ‘Bestest Blog’ is all about, just on a grander scale.

4. Can you think of a particular blogger/blog or website that has made a personal impact on you, even inspired you?

-I guess I should’ve read all the questions before I began answering them. influenced my "Premium Blogs" idea. Other than that, I guess I made my site as an improvement to what I saw wrong with sites like

5. You're always giving your readers good solid tips for maintaining their blog. What would you say is the worst mistake a blogger can make? 

-The worst mistake a blogger could make is becoming inactive. There are a lot of blogs that I check on a regular (at least once a week) basis. If I go two or three weeks without seeing anything new there, I’m going to stop regularly visiting. Regular visitors are very hard to obtain, yet very easy to lose.

6. What’s your favorite type of blog? Photo? Technical? Humorous? Etc? Why?

Definitely humorous. I was in an improv comedy group in college and comedy is a big part of my life. All my favorite TV shows and movies are comedies.

7. What is your pet-peeve when reading/viewing others’ blogs? Is there one thing that makes you want to hit that Next Button or Random Blog click and get the heck out of Blodge?

I can’t stand excessive amounts of slang and keyboard shortcuts. If I see a blog with a post that starts like "OMG I saw thiz grl 2day she was sooooooo hot!" I am clicking away immediately 

8. What we always wanted to know but were afraid to ask: Have you discovered a sure-fire way to make money online?
Would you share that secret with my readers?

-Again, I should’ve read these questions first. seems like the next big idea of the blogosphere. The Google Adsense of blogging if you will. I don’t see this site fading into the background anytime soon.

9. How can blogging impact our world for the good?

-Blogging is a great way to promote unity. I’ve learned a lot of what life in the Phillipine’s is like from Irene and Lizza’s sites. Plus, Rhys had his great idea with "A World of Bloggers" to link to 1 blog to each country. He’s got a lot of them, I hope he reaches his goal some day.

10. I've heard it said that "Bloggers are taking over the world." I'd categorize Bestest Blog of All-Time as one of the leaders in "cutting edge blogging" (if you will) and innovation. Where do you see the direction of blogging headed and how do you plan to stay on top of this phenomenal movement?

-My blog has a very simple goal and idea: promote others’ blogs, (extra promote the good ones). I see blogging growing even larger, as the desire to blog motivates the desire to better understand how the web works (HTML, Javascript, etc.) So, when the next generation of kids hits college, we’ll see a lot more advances in blogging technology.

11. And last but not least, inquiring minds want to know....…..Do you have a life??

-I do have a life, in fact I have more of a life now than I did when I started the blog, which makes it hard to keep up with it sometimes (luckily people like you, Julie, Morgen, and others have stepped up to help carry the load). I am a high school math teacher at a small Catholic school, I have a wife of only 1 year and 2 puppies (no kids yet). Basically any money I have made or will make on this blog goes right into the savings account until it’s time to make a down payment on our first house.

I know I speak for many when I say Thank you, Bobby Griffin for creating a kinder, gentler world of linking.
You are the absolute BESTEST.

Bobby's best ideas: Linking the Win-Win Way Bestest Blog of the Day Random Blog Button Premium Blog  Bestest Blog Winners


Lizza said...

Two thumbs (and toes) up to you and Bobby, Mimi! What a wonderful interview. Bobby's site is phenomenal; it's introduced many of us to a great number of awesome blogs.

Thank you for doing this.

Julie said...

Yay! Great interview! Good questions, Mimi!

Dr. A said...

Kudos on the great interview. I always wondered about the mysterious Bobby Griffin.

Hey Mimi, if I can ask you a question? How were you able to score this interview? Inquiring minds want to know...

Jessie said...

Wonderful interview! Bobby is the bestest!

Portnoy said...

Nice going Mimi!

i was beginning to wonder who the man behind the blog was.

Anonymous said...

This is a great interview, Mimi & Bobby -- thanks to you both!

Mimi Lenox said...

Lizza and Julie.....Glad you enjoyed the interview. I consider it an honor when two great bloggers (that would be YOU TWO) take the time to leave a comment.
Lizza...good to see you back in action after the storm!

Mimi Lenox said...

Dr. A....Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog. Maybe some of the mystery is gone now. As for snagging the interview. That's no mystery at all.
I simply morphed into a pencil skirt and became a reporter.

Mimi Lenox said...

Jessie....Great to see you again. Yes, Bobby is the greatest and he should be recognized for exposing us to so much good writing and creativity in the blogworld.

Portnoy...always spine-tingling to see Richard's face here. the way, do you know George Clooney? I have a friend who'd like to meet him. Mimi could make a trip to Hollywood you know. he he he

Mimi Lenox said...

You're welcome, Morgen, my new blogging buddy. Looking forward to all your Halloween shenaningans over in the great land of Morgenville.

Mimi Lenox said...

You're welcome, Morgen, my new blogging buddy. Looking forward to all your Halloween shenaningans over in the great land of Morgenville.

Anonymous said...

Mimi, you are simply MARVELOUS! That was a terrific interview with Bobby Griffin. People like you and Bobby are the ones to be congratulated for blazing a trail and making a positive difference in the world of bloggers. A mimi-million thanks to you!!! c",)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, mims! You are just bursting with fabulous ideas. Super interview, and yes, you do have your finger on the pulse of bloggers and readers. I think everyone wanted to know what this Bobby Griffin was like, and you're the only one who thought to do this. Great post!

rose said...

About time someone got round to giving Bobby publicity! Wonderful interview. :-)

A.Roberson said...

Great job,and great interview! I think you answered every question that I could possibly want to know.

Maybe someday, I'll stop changing my blog, and earn and interview, or some type of notariety ;-)

Great job....rock on Mimi ;-)

Reeholio said...

Hi Mimi, just catching up on your blogging.

Great interview. I never realised Bobby was so young!

Regards, Rhys

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