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Monday, March 20, 2023

Monday Mimisms ~ Omega 3 Omega Me

My study perch

I woke up this morning feeling very clear-headed and centered. 
Happy. Calm. Healthy. 
Change your diet. Change your life.
Change WHEN you eat and HOW you eat
might just reverse your diabetes. 

I'm on a new path of nutrition and healing. My glucose needed a good kick in the pants and out of my body for took a deep dive into how my body actually works; binge-watching youtube videos by cardiologists and endocrinologists, kidney specialists and nutritionists. I had to weed through the quacko-pretend doctors first (!) but it was entertaining and enlightening.  The subject of lipopolysacchirides was intriguing. Did you know that there are fluffy LDL particles and small dense LDL particles? I never knew.  You want the big, fluffy kind (think snowflakes) not the little ones that wreak havoc on those pesky cholesterol numbers. 

And why do I think dietary changes will improve my diabetes even more? 
Precisely because I can tell you from my experience that quitting CAFFEINE reversed my hypertension. I replaced coffee with French chicory root coffee. It's a natural diuretic.

No more high blood pressure. This morning's reading was 118/77 and has been consistently so for many months. Such a simple change made a huge difference in my life. More importantly, NO pills, NO side effects, NO caffeine jitters. In fact, it helps with sleep as well.

Then I put my Milani knee-high combat boots on!
I am NOT playing. All business. 
 I am not one to blindly follow the status quo.
 Knowledge is power.
 I hunkered down.
I focused.

I'm on the first week of intermittent fasting and major dietary changes; only allowing myself an 8-hour window to eat and then nothing but water, chicory, or tea for the rest of the night. Rinse. Repeat. Since removing insulin some time ago, I've felt better overall, lost weight (I stay out of strong winds) and have had good-to-moderately-OK control on no medications with periods of perfect control and low blood sugar. In each season of your life your body changes.
 Diabetes, too, is always changing. 

THIS recent uptick in numbers is totally my fault. I really thought I could eat ...oh say...a bowl of popCORN at night? Seriously, Mimi? 

My diabetes started nine years ago just past the middle of my life.  As you learn to live with it, your body has to adjust to all kinds of new medicine chemicals and protocols and habits (finger-sticking yuck). Shots were not fun. Then I learned I had hyperinsulemia. Who needs that??! The shots had to go. 

Doctors hate patients like me. I'm allergic to everything (literally) particular, three classes of diabetes' drugs, two insulins, and most every antibiotic known to man. It's not that I'm opposed to medication, it's that it most always makes me sicker. And I'm just stubborn enough - and annoying enough - to ask 40 trillion questions at every single appointment.
 I want to control it myself because I have to control it myself.

That reminds me...Did you know there are 40 trillion bacteria in your gut?!
This microbiome is incredibly important for your overall health.
Aren't they pretty?
and critical to metabolic health

My struggle is nighttime snacking. I "think" I'm hungry when, in fact, it's emotional eating. I'm not eating past 7:00 pm now and it's totally reducing the morning basal reading which is EVERYTHING. 

When you start out low, you have somewhere to go! 
When you start out high, you might actually die!
Yes, I have an old-fashioned

That is my motto from experience. 
Today I made an appointment with a nutritionist/dietician to help me navigate these waters and will have a virtual visit with an internist tomorrow. 

I'm currently researching Omega 3s & 6s. I learned recently that you're not supposed to overheat olive oil and cook with it but it's OK to put in your salads. What??! I do that I'll ask the doctor. 

Meanwhile...there's a real live Princess in the castle.
I'm a little distracted by all the wand-waving. I bowed and asked her name.

"I'm Elsa," she seriously declared, then wafted back down the stairs to re-accessorize.
 Her braid fell off. It was tragic. 

She told me her wand is "magic"
Somehow, I believe her. 

Back to studying. 
I hope you all are healthy and happy.

P.S. I am not a doctor. Consult yours before embarking on major changes. 
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Ned Hamson said...

Not what you may want to hear but what you might expect from me... dramatically cut beef, pork, chicken, duck, turkey, quail, goose, lamb, shell fish, fish... Increase greens, shrooms, egg plant... :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Ned - I DO want to hear what you have to say. No fish? Ned, no fish??
OK...I'm listening. Hmmmmm I value your expertise. No fish? Will I get my omega 3s from eggs? Is it OK to eat eggs and bacon?
Say yes. Please, say yes.

P.S. I don't think I'll have a problem cutting out quail and goose...

Just Ducky said...

Interesting about the olive oil and not heating it. Hmmm. Share what you find.

Mark in Mayenne said...

Hi Mims, how's the HbA1c? I must do more exercise.

Mimi Lenox said...

Just Ducky - I have found varying opinions on the olive oil question. Still deciding. Thanks so much for reading.

Mimi Lenox said...

Mark - Thanks for visiting and asking. The A1C is more elevated than usual. My dietician literally told me to "stop checking so much" and she was right. I'm causing myself stress. I've come to the conclusion that our bodies are so individualized with this metabolism thing that maybe what's high for you isn't high for me. So, I'm chillin' a bit more. Exercise is key. I hear you.

It's been so chilly here this spring. I can't wait to get back outside on a regular basis and WALK.

I hope you are doing OK? How goes?

Anonymous said...

Hello Mims, going well thanks! Walking is super effective at lowering blood sugars and also keeping fit. I also look forward to getting outside but waiting for healing big toe. Long story

Anonymous said...

Hba1c sitting about 6.

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