Sunday, November 6, 2022

Monday Mimisms ~ The World Has Changed

The whole world is in a foxhole.
And then there's this....

            Thanks to all who participated in BlogBlast For Peace over the weekend

    although most of you could be loudly seen and heard on social media 

I'm still gathering from the blog sky.
 It's a labor of love and an unending task

We began in 2006

many blog moons ago

and have continued each year until we....

knew that words really are powerful

met friends and peace lovers from every continent

and 214 countries and territories...

entered the land of Facebook and Twitter

becoming one blog and one voice for one day....

We talked about people fighting people   

countries fighting countries..

Climate change...and changing our personal climates

and how intricately we are connected....

Inner peace

 and outer chaos

Voting rights, elections, politics, economic shifts....

shifting and sinking democracies...

polluting the oceans and how to save the bees

and Love
we talked a lot about Love

Spiritual remedies

practical remedies

unorthodox remedies

                                      We took a 30 Day LOVE challenge

Documented 60 Ways to Peace

Through earthquakes and tsunamis
Hurricanes and hailstorms
Hatred-filled elections

We discussed nuclear war and hissed like true activists

while flying blue globes across the night sky
and even though we leaned to the left and to the right
We're still speaking to each other (mostly...)

Wars came along...
Afghanistan, Africa, Israel, Syria, Darfur, Iraq, Libya, Boko Haram, Yemen, the Middle East

Conflicts arose
around and around the world

We wrote

and wrote

and wrote

 from everywhere we wrote! 


and roared

sang a perfect song

spoke a perfect word

then during the next year of challenges on earth
we did it all over again

I wish we could throw magic dust
across the face of the world

and make it all go away...

Pick up the pen instead of the sword

Because our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren

deserve a world still standing in one peace
instead of in pieces

The world has changed...
but we have not.

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