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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ The Visitation

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Dona Nobis Pacem in the Blogosphere began in 2006 and is held annually on November 4th. Our theme for 2021 is "Courageous Peace in a Time of Great Change" and my peace post is called....

The Visitation

I've been dealing with ghosts of late. Some real. Some imagined. Some in my dreams. All viscerally attempting to get my undivided undivided UNdivided attention. Pictures full of orbs from a musty old basement room and taps on my shoulder in the middle of the night make me believe in the sound of deep dark sacred spaces; except, really now, what's so mysterious about unseen things? I was about to find out. 
Papa's grave

One cold moonlit night not so long ago, a flock of birds flew straight over my head  as I stood on a porch of regret. They were low in the sky and aiming straight for the questions in my heart.  My soul trembled. This beautiful time in my life was a slippery slope.  While I pondered how to stay and whether to go, I knew the path of least resistance would always serve both of us. And my fragile feet were firmly planted to love. Committed. But love has a way of knowing what to do that heals before it breaks what you think can't be broken.  And love was the reason my feet had followed in the first place. 

They came from the north
with great deliberation and anointed speed. 

Whoosh! Flying in perfect formation and headed, incredibly, undeniably south. I looked straight up into the sign I'd asked for - one I didn't want. 

"Come with us!" they whispered, "Follow us!" 

"But Love called me here," I replied to the holy sound of wings in the crisp night sky. "Do you believe in signs?" shouted one stubborn bird, "Well, do you?!"
I believed in that one.
"Stand in your power," whispered those mighty wings. 

And even though the day came when I followed the Guides sent to reassure me, I knew I had wholly and unconditionally left Love where I stood.


And so....It was of great consequence and no accident that just twenty months earlier, a few short weeks before the world shut down, I'd stood on the edge of Bloggingham mountain, high above the dusty problems of earth, far removed from where tribulation flies callously into waves of calamity such as the world was about to reap, and firmly, deliberately, placed my fragile feet under the shelter of an oak whose branches had begun to bend in the strange energy whirling on the mountain that day. The wind, upended, filled the space I had entered. 

I came for an answer.

I opened my arms and twirled around like a girl about to dance.  Another beautiful place. Another slippery slope. A place of highs and lows, epiphanies and spirit.  Certainty had called me to a place of uncertainty. Again. What am I doing here?? Why am I always compelled to follow unsteady paths of slippery rock? Nonetheless, my trembling, obedient heart trusted in the ways of revelation; clarity borne of pine trees and swaying branches in the woods. 
Such was my normal life. My familiar compass.
I stood 
on a healing

It was January 4, 2020. 

The sky was dark. The clouds, menacing. Raindrops fell teasingly on my face, one there. "Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in signs?" said the first few flashes of Light from the cloud formations filling up with Holy Holy rain around me, "Well, do you?" 

 I was guided up the hillside to a specific stretch of cold January land where the pines stand tall enough to buffer the wind, where the soil is beginning to make a rutted southwesterly trail down the side of Bloggingham Mountain 
when I felt them.  
A rustling in the top of a brittle cedar.  
My soul quietly shook, trembling, watchful. 

They came from the north 
with great deliberation and anointed speed

"Love called me here," I said to the spirits. "I'll stand with my arms wide open until it's time to go," I said to the wind.  They came flying toward me in a buzzing swarm of loving presence, set free from the chilly pond in the lower northern valley and perched in flight straight above my startled face, my heart pounding, my soul mesmerized, my body vibrating on a cellular level to the whoosh...the swoosh...the rush....the beautiful twinkling of wings. 

Have you ever seen the sparkling power of
 white-bellied angels in flight?

The visitation

 I wish you could feel what I felt in that moment. Fireworks launching in my very DNA. I only have this cellphone camera shot I quickly took before the rain started and before I was overtaken with awe and peace.  

They appeared like an angel army coming up over the hill, bathing me in incandescent energy, shimmering as they turned towards higher land, burning into me with auroral radiance in the misty afternoon sky. The fading sun caught glimpses of dazzling white skin that flashed in the sky directly above me whispering, 
"Mimi! Stand right there. Just like that. Don't move."

I didn't need to speak and yet the creatures answered, 
 "You always have the power to stand in your power."  

Closer..... closer.....

 I closed my eyes and played in the thunder, soaked in water and the power of blazing birds. It wasn't magic, it was magma. Not fire, flame. An eruption.
 Winged spirits of Light. 
Have you ever danced in blue fire?

I felt energized and still all at once.  
Right down to my core
across bloodlines and curses
generations and genomes

When I made my way back down the mountain, I knew I was whole again. If you allow yourself to see the unseen, you will be too. 

In the nooks and crannies of the homes you inhabit, between the walls and the covers of lovers you keep, the stronger part of you never simply leaves a part of you behind. Love is big enough to leave all of you behind and still carry enough with you to sustain you.
It's ever expanding. It's ever enough. 

Today I visited Papa in the cemetery and realized that even on a slab of stone he is still teaching me about life. 

Papa's grave

His hands taught me to pray
His hands taught me to reach
His hands taught me to soothe
His hands taught me to love

Do you think love is small? 
Whatever you're facing, remember this:
It doesn't take much courage to run.
It doesn't take much courage to stay.
But it takes great courage to stand.

Had I not been kissed by Holy birds on the cusp of a little mountain, I might not have been willing to trust in blue fire. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

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Michelle said...

Beautiful, uplifting and inspiring... as always!

Bravo, Mimi. You write such wonderful posts, every year. <3

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Another year, and we're still here! Yay, us! I love this story - the holy sound of wings, the messages. It takes courage to follow such a path, as you say. You always lift me up when I read you, Mimi. All of these tales should be gathered into a book. (I'm such a slave driver!) The world needs them.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Jackie, I couldnt find a place to comment, but I love that your daughter is an Indigo, and love your closing paragraph, that she will need an earth to walk on - a great reason to hope and struggle towards such peace as we can manage. I enjoyed your post.

Bluezy (aka Susan) said...

Thank you for this post. I DO believe in signs. I am at a crossroads in my life. Your post is that voice that assures me. My journey has been mapped. I leave next week. I had to cut the cord that bound me to this place. I need to go physically to see my friends and family. I have the means to do this in a quasi Kerouac fashion. Your Peace message cleared the clouds. I copied and pasted your words into my heart and soul.

Mama Pajama said...

another year, another peace globe! thank you for creating the space to share our thoughts and feelings together surrounding these themes.

Dawn Drover said...

Mesmerizing and profound. An inspiration to all.

Marvelous Marv said...

Terrific post Mimi! Thank you. I live in the mountains beside a river and when I moved back 2 years ago, so did the eagles. Almost every morning I hear them call and the other birds call back. They have opened my heart and helped me heal. They are my angels saying, “look forward.” Don’t give up on your quest, but embark on it with uprightness in your soul. To accomplish this, you have to be ready to stop outmoded habits or ideas to embrace something new and wonderful".
Thanks for this wonderful event! I have loved participating on many of them since you started and I am always thankful to see all the posts, images and profound thoughts that come from others.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for participating and commenting, my Friends. You are ever inspiring with your thoughts and images.
We're days away from the 2022 Blog4Peace. I am so excited! Our theme is No Freedom, No Peace

Hope to see you there.

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