Sunday, October 25, 2020

Join Peace Bloggers on the Internet NOVEMBER 4, 2020 for "Peace in the Time of Quarantine"

Peace in the Time of Quarantine
is our theme for 2020
What else?

Grab this banner and display it on your blogs or choose any of the logos you find on this page. 
What will you write? How are you dealing with the pandemic? Why is peace so important now? What are you learning? How has your life changed? How have you changed? Does peace look different than it did a year ago? How are you finding peace in the midst of this chaotic time?  Join us.

Get your peace globes ready and fly them NOVEMBER 4th from all over the world. Then write a post for the day or simply change your FB/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest status to 
"Dona nobis pacem" (Latin for Grant us Peace)
See what magic you can spin out of this peculiar chaos we find ourselves in. 
This is the year to dig deep. Don't you feel it?
How do you find your peace in the middle of a global pandemic?

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How To Get Your Own Peace Globe"

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