Saturday, July 4, 2020

July 4, 2020 ~ Which Flag Will You Wave?

What's important isn't important anymore. This is how I feel in the land of Covid-19. 
On this July 4, 2020 we are not the land of the free - not today. Let me just speak for myself.
I'm tired of the phrase "We're all in this together" by now. Because we're not. The all part isn't working anymore. Nice try, but it never did. When millions of individual families on planet earth are facing this kind of economic and personal uncertainty, we are fragmented by default and circumstance. This virus is 911 on steroids.  There are two kinds of fear I am seeing so clearly - fear of the virus and fear of each other.

 If you are trying to feed your family and keep them protected in the midst of this hell, then you are on an island of fear all by yourself. Where IS that together part? We can look around and see our neighbors suffering, try to help the best we can, but right now we all have our own oar to row. 

 If you are offended because you're afraid someone is going to take away your liberties by trying to keep you safe, then you are the one living in fear, not the other way around.  You won't make coronavirus go away by pretending you don't see it. The virus won't magically pass you by because you refuse to respect its peculiar DNA.   And if you piggyback your political agenda and your hatefulness to this already sobering event, you're even more of the problem. It's what bullies do. 
It's a thirst for power covered in fear. 
Fear of anything is still fear. 
Feel strong now?

It's important in this time to mitigate fear as well. I have a healthy respect for what the scientists and doctors are saying. I have a healthy respect for this virus. But you have to do that with common sense action, not reaction to every little trigger word your opinion wants to jump on. Me?
 I want to jump on this virus and I'll support any scientific protocol that gives me the best chance of doing that. Do I have opinions about all the other noise I hear right now? Of course I do.
 But now is not the time. Not the time. Not the time.
I'm not feeling free or happy today. I feel like we're obliviously waving at a cunning enemy as it floats on by with a wink and a nod while we're waving this flag and that flag and his flag and her flag. Where is our flag?  
And for those of you who feel that 50,000 new cases a day in the United States is not enough for you to believe in the reality of this monster, then I ask you to say that to the 525 million families of those who have died alone without comfort or hope. Say that to the coffins stacked up in morgues and left on Rikers Island until further review. Because doctors and nurses don't have time to sort out your opinions before they try to save your life. Your beliefs don't matter when they're gently wrapping your body in a white flag of final surrender. Ask them how real it is. 
I am an American and I love my country. This is my home. But on this day I see more division than I've ever seen. Why? Because we're not taking care of each other. The only thing at this moment we should be unified in is stopping this virus. But we can't. We're too busy waving flags of opinion to see the devil at our door. 
The only flag I am waving today is the white flag of surrender - laying down my fightin' words in this moment of crisis, saving my opinions for a better day and taking up the common sense God gave me. It's been in short supply in the world lately.  We need a huge double dose right now. When this is contained and over, I'm going to throw a big 'ole party with the people I love, those I'm missing right now who are breaking my heart, those I haven't touched or hugged or kissed in months. When the masks come off, I'll gather them anew with mountains of food and music in a yard full of laughing kids with lemonade and baseball. There will be new things to celebrate and we will fly the stars and stripes.
But today is not that day.
First, I have to focus on surviving.  I can't speak for you, but I'm waving a flag for humanity too.
 That we will SEE what's important so that we can finally cross this bridge whole and in one piece - truly free. It starts with me. Wearing my mask. Washing my hands. Staying home. Listening to doctors and scientists. Doing my own research. Listening to my healthcare team. Being careful. Doing my best.
 Loving my neighbor as myself. 

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Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I am not sure this is a brilliant response. Please come Boston in the fall...

Mimi Lenox said...

I think Loggins might approve this time....

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