Monday, November 18, 2019

Monday Mimisms ~ Ring, Rinse, Repeat

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There's no better indication of a "blessed life" (to use a phrase that is a catch-all that could mean anything from winning the lottery to having only cornbread to eat) than waking up without time. Let me explain. 

When you teach school, TIME is everything. The alarm clock at 5:30. The bell at 7:55. Bell ringers for warm-up work on the whiteboard. Announcements at 8:00. Pledge of Allegiance at 8:05. Three minute attendance taking. Ten minute introductions and instructions. 30 minute lessons with 2-3 minute timed activities built in. Five minute summaries. Two-minute warnings to pack up. The bell. Again. Three minutes between class changes (to snack, apply lipstick, get coffee, counsel a 12-year-old because her pigtail fell down, go to the latrine, and monitor the hallway) and then rrrrriinnnnnngggg the bell at 9:00 Again. Ring. Rinse Repeat. All day. Bells. Timers. Meetings. All timed with military precision and stress.

I imagine this kind of institutionalized precision falls on the shoulders of nurses, doctors, Pentagon runners, airline pilots, landmine removers, and tightrope walkers. 

No wonder I told my doctor on last visit that my ears were ringing.
I didn't need a prescription for that.
Just a retirement plan.

Time for a nap.
No alarm.
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