Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sitting On a Haystack

Sitting on a haystack

We had a great morning.
My son and his son, my Baby Beans, who is now a cool six years old. We watched #4 play on his local sports basketball team. We watched him dominate yes, really score 13 points before half-time and one more before the end of the game. We were happy to see the happy on his face. He is confident. Independent. Precocious.  Fiercely stubborn. There might be a smidge of his mimi in that boy on that last count.
I thought about his older half-brother (my Baby Boy) also talented and athletic at nearly 13 years old now, knowing that this day is precious and important as well. Days spent with all three of them - my boys grown and growing - still etched in my mind forever and ever.     Oh, I have a million things to do today. But I don't care.

Because days like this are golden
Ghosts and all....

ONE of us climbed a tire tree

After the game we found a Fall Festival full of live music, pumpkins, tire swings, a pie-eating contest which I forbade the boy to enter (lest he dominate, win that too) and end up in the emergency room, hayrides (we didn't go along because he said the tractor was just too slow), cotton candy and pinatas with more sugar than Carter has liver pills (you will get that if you're from the South) and mounds of straw everywhere. Homemade jam. Pickled beets. Hot dogs and all things nutritionally bad for you. 

Sinful food
Saturating sunshine
Oversized sunglasses
Crisp air
Dirt and grass and little boys falling down
in Batman hats

Somewhere in the world today there are children who can't play outside
Batman conquers the tire tree....
because there are bombs dropping in their neighborhood
hunger lurking at the door
crying and sorrow, fear and famine
no pumpkins, no swings, no happy

Tire swinging

and that silly posed smile for the camera....
This is why I blog for peace
on NOV 4
with all of you

I want a peaceful world 
uninterrupted by shards of small things
like war
oh, it is small
and blustery
and frail

days full of pumpkins 
are strong
like straw
meant for building
and peaceful resting
under trees and blue skies

Let's all try it, shall we?
Next Saturday, Nov 4, is as good a day as any to start.

Somewhere in the world today
there is a boy
who just wants to climb a tree

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speedyrabbit said...

what a wonderful day you had,we will be with you on Saturday,xx Speedy and Rachel

Shannon W. said...

Such a beautiful day with those you love :)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful, Mimi. My peace globe this year features my great-granddaughter, Lunabella. Like you, I think of those millions of children whose lives are so much harder. It is why we blog for peace, believe in peace, refuse to accept anything but a world of peace. It is possible.

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